For your convenience, here is a quick inventory of historical documents that appear in their original form on this site. This project is far from a web archive, but I wanted to make these materials easily accessible, so that the site can potentially be a tool and not just somewhere you visit once. In some instances I have provided links directly to the documents. Where I felt it was appropriate, links take you to pages that serve to introduce the documents. You should see my note about copyrighted material and reproductions on the Web. My bibliography has more extensive information about all these sources.

From Florida: A Guide to the Southernmost State:

- "Contemporary Scene," the introductory essay

- Selections from Key to Florida Highway Tours, a map that originally appeared folded in the back pocket of the guide

From The Florida Review, a student publication from the University of Florida at Gainesville:

- "Note on Jook," by Will McGuire, published 1938

From the Federal Writers' Project, administrative and editorial material and correspondence:

- from the American Guide Manual, a sample "Contemporary Scene" essay, titled "Contemporary North Dakota"

- Letter from Katherine Kellock, National Tours Editor, to Henry Alsberg, Director of the FWP; from a field trip to Jacksonville

-Telegram, Carita Doggett Corse to Henry Alsberg, accepting position of State Director, Florida

- Correspondence around the issue of whether to refer to the Civil War as "War between the States" in the Florida Guide

- Correspondence about the legitimacy of a monument to Daniel Boone in Jacksonville, between Carita Doggett Corse, State Director of the FWP in Florida, Henry Alsberg, William Boone Douglass, of the Boone Family Association, (and others).

- Letter to Carita Doggett Corse regarding Ocala as a potential site for a Florida FWP station.

From The Roy Stryker Papers:

- Letter from Paul Strand to RS, recommending Marion Post Wolcott for a position as photographer

- Letter from MPW to RS regarding same position

- Letter from RS to MPW regarding her acceptance into FSA Photography project

- Telegram from MPW to RS from the field

- Letter from RS to MPW in the field, regarding the appropriateness of her travelling attire

- Response from MPW to RS


Copyrighted Material and Permissions:

Reproducing on the Web can be a tricky business. I've had to get permission to include some of the primary sources that appear on this site, most notably the letters from The Roy Stryker Papers, and the article from The Florida Review. Luckily, since this is a non-commercial site and I'm an undergraduate student, I had an easy enough time. The Farm Security Administration photographs, administrative and editorial correspondence from the Federal Writers' Project, and material from Florida: A Guide to the Southernmost State are all in the public domain, which means you can reproduce them freely but you have to attribute them properly. You can check out the way I've done it for some clues, but you should also visit the American Memory site of the Library of Congress (which houses the collection of Farm Security Administration photography) and the National Archives (which retains the records of the Federal Writers' Project) site for more in-depth guidance.


Juliet Gorman, May 2001