The five buttons at the top of this page will always take you to the home page of each section of this site. From these home pages, you can get to almost every other page in the site. The home pages also have some particular tips for navigating each section.

Aside from the home page buttons, each section of text will usually have some kind of tool bar for navigating through that particular discussion. Usually this looks something like the bar with arrows and numbers at the bottom of this text.

When links appear in the actual body of the text, like this, they open up a pop-up window that provides some kind of supplementary material, like an image of a document I'm talking about, or a footnote. They won't actually take you to a new location in your browser window.

The right side of pages provides you either with links to other points in a discussion or to a different discussion (see the text in light brown at the right). Unless a link is labelled "this link will take you elsewhere in the site," you can assume that you'll stay within the section you're exploring.

Every page has a link to the site map, which can be a quick reference point to let you know if you've missed a page by jumping out of a discussion at an early point. You can check yourself against it because links change colors, from brown to light green, when you've already visited the page linked to. Since it'll probably take you more than one sitting to work through the material on this site, I've made the site map graphic-free so that you can easily print it out. That way, you can have some record of what you have and haven't covered for reference to later. While the site map shows you an overall architecture for the site, which is sort of a determining gesture on my part, my hope is that it actually helps you be a more adventurous reader by providing you with a safety net.














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