Course Reserves

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You are responsible for knowing the time borrowed items are due. Ask for clarification if needed before you leave the service desk.

Reserve fines are $2.00 per hour, per item. Additional fines are assessed if course textbooks are taken overnight.

Arrangement: Behind the service desk, by course number. Staff members retrieve items for you - please do not help yourself.

Loan Period: 3 hours
Longer loans may be possible, depending on the course and number of individuals taking the class, after consultation with the course instuctor.

Colors of reserve labels indicate if items may be taken out the library:

  • RED - never leaves the library
  • YELLOW - no overnight use
  • GREEN - overnight use okay

Overnight loan begins two hours before the library closes; those items must be returned within one hour of opening the next business day.

Do not return reserve materials to the library's book drop unless the library is CLOSED. Fines are assessed for materials that become overdue while sitting the book return.

An open Reserve Browsing Collection, located on the file cabinet at the library office window, is available for some physics courses. Bring those items to the service desk if you want to take them from the library.

Last updated:
July 2, 2020