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The Oberlin College Observatory is located atop Peters Hall at the center of Oberlin College campus. Peters Hall was built in the 1880's and the dome was installed in 1929 along with a Gaertner 6 inch f:15 refractor telescope. We currently have a 14" Meade LX 200 in the dome, and are also capable of deploying a number of telescopes on piers on the observing deck on the south side of the dome. The observatory is actively used for introductory astronomy classes, for individual student projects, by the Oberlin Astronomy Club, and for public viewing sessions.

Please see the Oberlin College Events Calendar for our public viewing session times. For more information, please call 440-775-8636.

Photo of OC Observatory Deck
            and Dome

Attilla Danko's Clear Sky Clock
              for Oberlin

For visitors to our observatory and other public viewing sessions, we recommend reading our notes on Observing Etiquette.