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Weather Forecast for Astronomy

Click on the link above to find out what skies will be like up to 48 hours in advance. This service, provided by Environment Canada, is aimed at letting you predict cloud cover, seeing (how steady the local atmosphere is), and transparency at your location in 3 hour increments. There are choices for color coded satellite style maps for different regions, and you can pick a specific time. Be prepared to understand UTC (Universal Coordinated Time - which is 5 hours ahead of Ohio on standard time and four hours ahead on savings time) and 24 hour time formats. It's our primary predictor for scheduling observing sessions.


Environment Canada's astromomy weather forecast data are also used by Attilla Danko to produce his Clear Sky Clocks, and at the request of the Oberlin Astronomy Club, he publishes the one below for Oberlin.

Attilla Danko's Clear Sky Clock for Oberlin

You may click on the clock image above to go to Danko's Oberlin Clear Sky Clock page, where you can enable 'mouseovers' for your browser to show information for specific times and features by hovering over specific colored blocks. Double clicking on the blocks from Danko's page can also call up a map from CMC showing the forecast for cloudiness, seeing, or transparency for that day and time. We are very much indebted to Danko and to Allan Rahill of CMC for providing this forecast information.