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One of the hallmarks of FIELD magazine has always been its attention to what poets have to say about poetry. Many of these essays--by William Stafford, Denise Levertov, Gary Snyder, Adrienne Rich, Donald Hall, Robert Bly, and Sandra McPherson, among others--have become classics. This revised and expanded collection of essays from the magazine provides a rich and stimulating perspective on the state of contemporary poetry, as seen through the eyes of the poets themselves.

1. The Process of Writing

William Stafford: A Way of Writing
Denise Levertov: Work and Inspiration: Inviting the Muse
Margaret Atwood: Poetic Process?
Donald Hall: Goatfoot, Milktongue, Twinbird: The Psychic Origins of Poetic Form
Robert Bly: Reflections on the Origins of Poetic Form
Russell Edson: Portrait of the Writer as a Fat Man: Some Subjective Ideas on the Care and Feeding of Prose Poems
Miroslav Holub: Poetry and Science: The Science of Poetry/The Poetry of Science
Dennis Schmitz: Gorky Street: Syntax and Context
Sandra McPherson: The Two-Tone Line, Blues Ideology, and the Scrap Quilt

2. The Poetic Line: A Symposium

Sandra McPherson: The Working Line
James Wright: A Response to "The Working Line"
John Haines: Further Reflections on Line and the Poetic Voice
Donald Hall: The Line
Shirley Kaufman: Some Thoughts about Lines
William Matthews: A Note on Prose, Verse and the Line
Charles Simic: Some Thoughts about the Line

3. The Image: A Symposium

Charles Simic: Images and "Images"
Donald Hall: Notes on the Image: Body and Soul
Robert Bly: Recognizing the Image as a Form of Intelligence
Russell Edson: Image and Language
Marvin Bell: Noun/Object/Image

4. Poetry and Values

Günter Eich: Some Remarks on "Literature and Reality"
Jean Follain: Meanings of Poetry
Gary Snyder: Poetry, Community, & Climax
Larry Levis: Some Notes on the Gazer Within
David Young: The Bite of the Muskrat: Judging Contemporary Poetry
Alberta Turner: Not Your Flat Tire, My Flat Tire: Transcending the Self in Contemporary Poetry
David Walker: Stone Soup: Contemporary Poetry and the Obsessive Image
David Young: Language: The Poet as Master and Servant
David Young: Second Honeymoon: Some Thoughts on Translation
Shirley Kaufman: Here and There: The Use of Place in Contemporary Poetry
Larry Levis: Eden and My Generation
C. D. Wright: A Taxable Matter

5. Portraits and Self-Portraits

David Shapiro: Urgent Masks: An Introduction to John Ashbery's Poetry
Galway Kinnell: Poetry, Personality and Death
Adrienne Rich: Poetry, Personality and Wholeness: A Response to Galway Kinnell
Charles Wright: Charles Wright at Oberlin
Sandra McPherson: Secrets: Beginning to Write Them Out
Laura Jensen: Lessons in Form
Body and Soul: Three Poets on Their Maladies
Charles Simic: My Insomnia and I
Shirley Kaufman: Backache, Poemache, and Botz
Lee Upton: The Closest Work

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