Thermodynamics > Gas Laws
DCS# 4B70.10


fire syringe 202-11-E1,E2
Kim wipe or touch paper

Place a small piece of tissue paper in the tube.  Dim the room lights.  Quickly force the plunger down.  This rapidly compressed air should heat up enough to ignite the paper.


For adiabatic compression of gas, Tf = To (Vo/Vf)(γ-1).
The volume typically decreases by a factor of about 15.
For nitrogen and oxygen, γ = cp/cv = 1.4.
To= 300 K. Tf = 300*(15)0.4 = 890 K.  The ignition temperature of paper is 506 K.

Store the tube with the piston removed. 

Here are the instructions for the Pasco compression igniter.