Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, November 15, 2001

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio)

1. The Surf Kings Morpheus Rock Don't Run, vol. 1 (Spinout)
2. Link Wray Run Chicken Run Rumble! The Best of (Rhino)
3. Hasil Adkins Gonna Have Me a Yard Sale Achy Breaky Ha Ha Ha (Norton)
4. The Planet Rockers Lonesome Traveller 26 Classic Tracks (Spinout)
5. Husky and the Sandmen Extasy Ridin' the Wild Surf (Gas)
1. Splashback Loco-Motive Changing Tides (Splashback)
2. Shig & Buzz Rattlesnake Double Diamonds (Mai Tai)
3. Voodoo Court Hydrogen Highway Nuclear Vacation (Aggravated Marshmallow)
4. Laika & the Cosmonauts C'mon Do the Laika Zero Gravity (Upstart)
5. The Space Cossacks Exolumina Tsar Wars (MuSick)
1. Eddie Cochran Twenty Flight Rock Never To Be Forgotten (Liberty)
2. Restless Radar Love The Very Best of (Nervous)
3. King Charles Head Ghost Riders On A Surfboard Wet Sounds (Kamikaze)
4. Way Out West Mr. Rebel Motorhula (Kamikaze)
5. Duane Eddy Peter Gunn Twang Thang! The Duane Eddy Anthology (Rhino)
1. Jack Scott The Way I Walk The Way I Walk (Roller Coaster)
2. The New Dimensions Soul Surf The Best of (Sundazed)
3. The Neptunes Iron Lung People of Earch, We Are (Spinout)
4. The Falcons Hells Gate Queen of Diamonds (Falcon Beach)
5. Darrel Higham with the Barnshakers Bless My Soul High Class Baby (Goofin')
1. Planet Seven Heart Full of Soul The Tomorrow That Never Was (Default)
2. New World Relampagos El Tren De Las Tres Y Diez S/T (Sirena)
3. Kenny Love & the Rock-er-Fellas I Want you Baby Rock-a-Billy Swing Thing (Kat Claw)
4. King of Hawaii Remedios Varo Henry, Call Home (KOH)
5. The Space Cossacks Journey to the Stars Swingin' Creepers! A Tribute To The Ventures (MuSick)
1. CHUM What Up Beach The Dewey Decibel System (CHUM)
2. Deadman's Curve Charlie's Point The Missing Chord (Snatch)
3. The Huntington Cads Go Exotic Go Exotic!! (Mai Tai)
4. Von Rippers Harlem Nocturne Confidential (Royal Palms)
5. Fifty Foot Combo SL54 Automatic Tuberider (Anubis)
1. The Torquays Ding Road Trip (Tork-A-Disc)
2. The Urban Surf Kings 7 Veils a Go Go Get Instro-Mental (Cinnamon Toast)
3. Pavlov's Woody Pintor Instrumentality (Neat Guy)
4. The Waterdogs Venturi Thermal (Madcity)
5. The Hollow Grinders Piha Death-Rip Dig Chicks (Hollow Grinders)