Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, November 29, 2001

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio)

1. The Eliminators Dawn Patrol Unleashed (Tri-Surf)
2. The Pharos Pintor Pulp Surfin' (Del-Fi)
3. The Blue Hawaiians Martini Five-O Sway (Pascal)
4. Dale Hawkins Suzie Q Oh! Susie Q - The Best of (Chess/MCA)
5. The Blue Moon Boys Smashed Down Flat Sticks and Stones (Beat Time)
1. The Fathoms Man of Mystery An Evening in Nivram: the Music of the Shadows (MuSick)
2. Pavlov's Woody Pradise Cove Instrumentality (Neat Guy)
3. The Volcanos Finish Line Fever Finish Line Fever (Estrus)
4. Hot Rod Lincoln Hot Rod Lincoln The Boulevard (Dionysus)
5. Roy Clark Dented Fender The Lightning Fingers of (Razor & Tie)
1. The Nocturnes Baha Ree Ba 2000 Back to the Beach (Surf Duck)
2. Surfpatrouille Surfpatrouille Orion Venus Pussy Polka Riot (Kamikaze)
3. Way Out West Evolution Evolution (Kamikaze)
4. Steve Hooker & the S.T.'s Rebel's Lane Friday Night Rumble, vol. 5 (Run Wild)
5. Josie Kreuzer (w/Hot Rod Lincoln) Wild Man Hot Rod Girl (She Devil)
1. High Noon Rock Too Slow American Rumble, vol. 1 (Skizmatic)
2. Ralph Rebel James Bond Surfin' & Rockin' (Golly Gee)
3. Water Dogs Experiment in Terror Therman (Madcity)
4. Pollo Del Mar Jonny Foo: Ninja Chiropractor The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (MuSick)
5. The Supertones Pugsakuk Big Wet Twant! (Golly Gee)
1. The Shanons The Man From Nowhere (Rautalanka)
2. The Pistoleros War Dance The Arrival of the (Rarity)
3. Planet Seven Point and Shoot The Tomorrow That Never Was (Default)
4. Cosmonauti First Kiss Just Surf (Om Om Music)
5. The Treble Spankers Red hot Navigator Hasheeda (Polydor)
1. Billy Lee Riley Rock With Me Baby Red hot, the Best of (AVI)
2. Kenny Love & the Rock-er-Fellas Mr. Moon Arizona Tough Country (Kat Claw)
3. The Mustangs Leskiaidin Tyttaret (Widows Daughter) Guitar Mania, vol. 1 (Rarity)
4. The Torquays Ding Road Trip (Tork-A-Disc)
5. Von Rippers Jack the Ripper Confidential (Von Rippers)
1. The Supertones Surf Fever 2000 Surf Fever 2000 (Golly Gee)
2. Husky and the Sandmen Waves Beyond the Reef Ridin' the Wild Surf (Gris)
3. Jon and the Nightriders Rik-A-Tik Moving Target (Gee-Dee)
4. Satan's Pilgrims The Godfather Around the World With (Empty)
5. Charades In Motion In Motion (Echo)