Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, January 10, 2002

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio)

1. "Groovey" Joe Poovey Move Around Greatest Grooves (Dragon Street Records)
2. Johnny Kidd & the Pirates Shakin' All Over Loud, Fast and Out of Control (Rhino)
3. Cadillac Angels Ferris County Live (Radar Records)
4. Shig & Buzz Lost in the Shadows Double Diamonds (Mai Tai Records)
5. Voodoo Court For the Love of Neptune Nuclear Vacation (Aggravated Marshmallow)
1. Elvis Presley Mystery Train Sunrise (RCA)
2. Vernon Taylor Your Lovin' Man Daddy's Rockin' (Run Wild)
3. The Pyramids Penetration The Best of (Sundazed)
4. Mark Brodie & the Beaver Patrol Frogs Can't Surf The Shores of Hell (Shredder)
5. The Halibuts Caldera Life on the Bottom (Upstart)
1. Ronnie Dawson Good at Being Bad More Bad Habits (Yep Roc Records)
2. Big Ray and the Futuras Area 51 When I Grow Up To Be A Man [various] (Fuzzpop Records)
3. The Fabulous Planktones The Sea Urchin Surfin' at the Sinbad (El Toro Records)
4. Webb Wilder & the Nashvegans Original Mixed Up Kid Town & Country (Watermelon)
5. The Mustangs Man From Nowhere ()
1. Nick Lowe Seven Nights to Rock Basher: the Best of (Columbia)
2. The Blue Moon Boys Hellfire Sticks and Stones (Beat Time)
3. The Falcons Desolation Sound Queen of Diamonds (Falcon Beach Music)
4. Splashback El Sereno Changing Tides (Splashback)
5. Jonny and the Shamen Boris Bomb Adventures in Espionage (Turducken Recordings)
1. Sump Pump Monkeys Riptide Destroy the Waves (Cerebral Laboratories)
2. The Hypnomen Lucumba Watusi 99 (MuSick Recordings)
3. Von Rippers Pipeline Scary TV (RPR)
4. Ralph Rebel Rebel Rouser Surfin' & Rockin' (Golly Gee Records)
5. The Atomics My Way The Big D.C. Jamboree, vol. 3 (Run Wild Records)
1. The Bambi Molesters Last Ride In Sonic Bullets - 13 From the Hip (Dancing Bear)
2. The Swinghufvuds She Bop Hits & Other Samples ()
3. Stereophonic Space Sounds Unlimited Formulator The Fluid Sandbox ()
4. The Surf Coasters Ultra Q's Theme Surf Panic '95 ()
5. Sir Bald Diddly and His Wigouts Pie-Go-Mania Pie-Go-Mania ()
1. The Aqua Velvets Intro KJFC/Swampabilly Hop Radio Waves (Riptide Records)
2. NITS Walter and Connie Urk ()
3. Huevos Rancheros Please Pass the Ketchup Endsville ()
4. Surfin' Lungs Gunfight at Waikiki Beach Let Them Eat Surf ()
5. The Toy Dolls Me 'N' John Williams Orchestrated ()
1. The Nocturnes Apache Back to the Beach (Surf Duck Records)
2. Slacktone Blast Bolero Into the Blue Sparkle (Go Boy Records)
3. Elvis Presley I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone The '50s Masters (RCA)
4. Elvis Presley Trying To Get To You Sunrise (RCA)