Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, February 21, 2002

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio)

1. The Beat Tornados Tzatzikistan Mission to Mir (Flipside Records)
2. The O'Haras Facile a Boire! Facile a Boire! (Drunkabilly Records)
3. The New Dimensions Cat on a Hot Foam Board The Best of (Sundazed)
4. The Cadillac Hitmen Django ()
5. The Hellbenders Gunman Left Standing ()
1. The Fireballs Chief Whoopin' Cough Torquay/Kampusology (Ace)
2. The Falcons Desolation Sound Queen of Diamonds (Falcon Beach Music)
3. The Reverend Horton Heat Big Dwarf Rodeo Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em (Sub Pop)
4. Screamin' Jay Hawkins I Put a Spell On You Voodoo Jive (Rhino)
5. Jon & the Nightriders Earthquake at Surf City Fiberglass Rocket (Atomic Beat Records)
1. The Space Cossacks The Apes of Wrath Tsar Wars (MuSick Recordings)
2. Undertoe Pipewrench Real men Don't Sing (1203 Music)
3. The Tornados Ridin' the Wind Telstar: the Original Sixties Hits of (Music Club)
4. The Revels Intoxica Intoxica!!! The Best of (Sundazed)
5. Stadium Frank and the Motor Pokers Pipeline Surf the North Coast (Stadium Frank and the Motor Pokers)
1. The Mustangs Phantoma Perestroika (Bluebird)
2. Surfing Spacemen Code Named Mozart ()
3. SumpPump Monkeys Monstero! Destroy the Waves! (Cerebral Laboratories)
4. Bitch Boys Stalkin' Mermaid Promo CD (Bitch Boys)
5. The Lunatics Escape From 5th Dimension Live ()
1. Sir Bald Diddley and His Wigouts Pie-Go-Mania Pie-Go-Mania ()
2. Surfin' Lungs Gunfight at Waikiki Beach Let Them Eat Surf ()
3. The Tumblers Deena The Queen of the Quartermile Friday Nite Rumble! Vol. 7 (Run Wild Records)
4. Shig & Buzz Lost Train Double Diamonds (Mai Tai Records)
5. The Sir Finks Moor's Theme Instrumentals in the Key of ... BOSS!!! (Wildebeest Records)
1. Planet Creep Dessert Storm CD Promo (Planet Creep)
2. Búfalos D´água Pacific Hell Pacific Hell (Sonopress)
3. Von Rippers Play With Fire Scary TV (Royal Palms Records)
4. 3 Balls of Fire Rumble in the Congo Firepower ()
5. Slacktone Saga (of the Floating Cowboy Hat) Into the Blue Sparkle (GoBoy Records)
1. The Aqua Velvets Swampabilly Hop Radio Waves (Riptide Records)
2. The Bambi Molesters Double Danger Sonic Bullets (Dancing Bear)
3. The Goldfingers Thundernest Guitar Mania, vol. 12 (Rarity Records)
4. Planet Seven Jack Scratch The Tomorrow That Never Was (Default Records)
5. The Surf Coasters Beach Monster Surf Panic '95 ()