Tsunami Soul Playlist
March 4, 2002

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

The Surf Kings Up From The Depths J-Bay Innertube 8:03pm
The Falcons Queen of Diamonds Betrayed Falcon Beach Music 7:58pm
The Centurians Teen Beat vol. 4 Bullwinkle Pt. II Ace 7:57pm
The Bambi Molesters In Sonic Bullets Bubble Bath Dancing Bear 7:50pm
The Goldentones Midnight 7:49pm
Estrume'n'tal In Space'n'tal Marcha Fu'n'eral Estrume'n'tal 7:48pm
The Silencers Woof Woof 7:46pm
Destination Earth Continental Magazine #9 CD Sampler Statonary Orbit Continental Magazine 7:45pm
The Dynamic Subarashii S/T Rap City 7:36pm
Planet Seven The Tomorrow That Never Was A Great Divide Default Records 7:32pm
Eddie Jones Tomahawk 7:30pm
The Swiv-O-Matics She Walks On Bars The $10 Stare Bad DoGetter Records 7:27pm
Ralph Rebel Surfin' and Rockin' Pipeline Golly Gee Records 7:25pm
Angelo Santoro Exotic Guitar Pipeline 7:22pm
The Pickniks CD Sampler Sidewinder RMS Productions 7:21pm
Raging Teens That's How I like It 7:20pm
Planet Creep Promo CD Mars Mothership Planet Creep 7:20pm
The Gasolines King of the Strip 7:19pm
Brian Setzer Orchestra Sleepwalk 7:19pm
Hot Rod Lincoln Lonesome Train 7:18pm
he Maliboos Tower 9 7:18pm
DaiKaiju Monster Surf Daikaiju Dai Migoto Radiation 7:18pm
The Sandblasters Space Bar-B-Q Weird Satelite Mostly Harmless Music 7:14pm
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet Good Cop BadCop 7:13pm
Johnny Astro and the Sputnicks Rockin' World 7:13pm
The Jetblacks stickj 7:12pm
Bounty Hunters Echo Express 7:11pm
The Eliminators Boneyard 7:11pm
The Aqua Velvets Surf Mania 6:36pm
The Surfaris Beat 65 6:34pm
HUGE Look at that thing ... it's huge Endless Summer HUGE 6:29pm
The Charades Rautalanka Records 20th Anniversary Allbum Eliminator Rautalanka Records 6:28pm
Bitch Boys In Heat Stalking Mermaid Bitch Boys 6:25pm
Coctail Preachers Deep Deep Space 6:20pm
The Tornadoes Shootin' Beavers 6:19pm
The Ventures Walk Don't Run '64 6:18pm
The Fathoms Trackin Bigfoot 6:17pm
Jon & the Nightriders Molokai Coctail 6:15pm