Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, April 11, 2002

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio)

1. The Bomboras Lord Hunt Surf Party Savage Island (Dionysus)
2. The Belmont Playboys Rock Me Baby One Night of Sin ... Live! (Rich Buttery Goodness Records)
3. The Sentinals The Pipe Surfer Girl (Del-Fi)
4. Lost Lake Not Sorry Enough Without a Paddle (Smack Daddy Records)
5. The Coctail Preachers Bailout
1. The Slackmates Devil Girl from Mars Hot Car Girls (Stella Records)
2. The Surfaris Wipeout Wipe Out! The Best of (Varese Sarabande)
3. Charlie Feathers Tongue-tied Jill Meteor Rockabillies (Ace)
4. Josie Kreuzer & Hot Rod Lincoln Red Rose Blastered (Run Wild Records)
5. Freddy King Sen-Sa-Shun Hide Away, the Best of (Rhino)
1. Die Space Hobos Taxman Hobocop
2. The Impacts Peahi Jaws Sex Wax & Surf (Captain Trip Records)
3. Big Ray and the Futuras Ants in Yer Pants Desolation Planet (Double Crown Records)
4. Squid Vicious Hombrecito At War With the Whales (Deep Eddy Records)
5. HUGE Tsunami Look at that thing ... it's HUGE! (Promo CD)
1. Josie Kreuzer 12 Dollars & a Heartache As Is (She Devil Records)
2. Jo-Ann Campbell I Really Really Love You That Real Gone Girl (West Side)
3. Satan's Pilgrims Theme From Beat Girl Around The World With (Empty Records)
4. Husky and the Sandmen Extasy Ridin' the Wild Surf (Gas Records)
5. Los Straitjackets Caveman The Utterly Fantastic and Totally Unbelievable Sounds Of (Upstart Records)
1. The Langhorns The Sinner S/T
2. The Barbwires At the Skyline Drive-In Sounds Like Trouble
3. Cigar Store Indians Jailbait S/T (Landslide Records)
4. The Stingrays Impact Zone Don't Fear the Reverb (Slimstyle Records)
5. 9th Wave Mission From Spy Island Surf Denial (9th Wave Productions)
1. Planet Creep Dessert Storm Promo CD (Planet Creep)
2. Sump Pump Monkeys Tractor Beam Destroy the Waves! (Cerebral Laboratories)
3. The Bambi Molesters Final Wave for the Day In Sonic Bullets (Dancing Bear)
4. The Swiv-O-Matics She Walks on Bars She Walks on Bars (Bad GoGetter Records)
5. Daikaiju Attack of the Crab Women Monster Surf (Migoto Radiation)
6. The Hollow Grinders Bradley's Dunny Crouch The Hollow Grinders 2002 Surfing Record (The Hollow Grinders)
1. Destination: Earth! System Failure Adventures in Newspace (Gelatinous Productions)