Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, July 11, 2002

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

1. The Knights The Man Who Wasn't There Surfin' the Southwest, Santa Fe Style (Lance Records)
2. HUGE The Grotto Look At That Thing ... It's HUGE! (HUGE)
3. Estrume'n'tal Baja Space'n'tal (Estrume'n'tal)
4. Joe Maphis Flying Fingers Flying Fingers (Bear Family Records)
5. The Meteors In The Cards In Heaven (Edsel Records)
6. The Jars Jiggolou
1. Sharkquest Sesame Hijack
2. Narrow Escape Depth Charge
3. The Surf A's The King Said Yellow Instrumentally Ill (Surf Alot Records)
4. Webb Wilder Fall In Place Acres Of Suede (Watermelon Records)
5. The Metalunas Celluloid Planetoid X-Minus-One (American Pop Project)
1. The Cadillac Hitmen Race For The Border Tri-State Killing Spree (Broken White Records)
2. The Mustangs Rattlesnake and Clock The "Lost" Album: Found and Revisited (Rarity Records)
3. Restless Radar Love The Very Best Of (Nervous Records)
4. The Phantom Riders Shadowchaser S/T
5. The Nebulas Vendetta Nebula One (Tivertone Records)
1. The Longhorn Devils Clash Of The Titans Spitfire Bar-Bee
2. The Neptunes Iron Lung People of Earth, We Are (Spinout Records)
3. Pollo Del Mar Playa Pistola Live In Japan Town (POP Records)
4. Sourthern Culture on the Skids Zombified Zombified (Monkey Dog Music)
5.The Looney Tunes Wayward Nile Cool Surfin' (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
1. Husky and the Sandmen Extasy Ridin' the Wild Surf (Gas Records)
2. King of Hawaii Paris Green Henry, Call Home (KOH Records)
3. The Planet Rockers Big Wheel 26 Classic Tracks (Spinout Records)
4. Little Bee Drum Like A Moose Moonlit Night (Rarity Records)
5. Man Or Astroman? Reverb 10,000 Destroy All Astro-Men!! (Estrus records)
1. The Special Agents Double-O-Surfin' Double-O-Surfin' (Vitaminic)
2. Planet Seven Another Human Error The Tomorrow That Never Was (Default Records)
3. Die Space Hobos Wilhelm Tell HoboCop
4. Charlie Feathers That Certain Female Rollin' Rock Got The Sock, vol. 1 [VA] (Rollin' Rock/HMG)
5. Planet Creep Mars Mothership Promo CD (Planet Creep)
1. The Bambi Molesters Bubble Bath In Sonic Bullets (Dancing Bear)
2. Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks Surf As Houdini Cinemascope-A-Dope (Silence)
3. Dr. Frankenstein Agoraphobia The Lost Tapes From
4. Slacktone The Bells of St. Kahuna Surf Adventure Tour: Live In Prague (GoBoy Records)
5. Bitch Boys Amor In Heat (Promo CD)