Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, August 22, 2002

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

1. Elvis Presley Good Rockin' Tonight The Complete 50's Masters (RCA)
2. The Quiets Thunderball La Strada
3. The Hollow Grinders PIHA Death Rip Dig Chicks! (The Hollow Grinders)
4. The Penetrators Midnight Run Locked & Loaded (Double Crown Records)
5. Cosmonauti First Kiss Just Surf
1. The Jars Theme From Duse The Sunlight Sessions (The Jars)
2. The Dynamic Subarashii Mission Impossible S/T
3. The Needles Surf In Tunisia Twangy Guitars, Silky Strings, vol. 1 [VA] (Twangsville Productions)
4. High Noon Branded Outlaw Live In Texas and Japan (Watermellon Records)
5. Cadillac Angels Wray Gunn Nobody Sings Or The Guitar Gets It (Envicta Records)
1. 9th Wave Fueled For Surf [live] Cruise Night (9th Wave)
2. The Atlantics The Gremlin From The Kremlin The Complete CBS Recordings, vol. 1 (Canetoad Records)
3. The Bambi Molesters Farewell To Malasana In Sonic Bullets (Dancing Bear)
4. The Belmont Playboys Doggone It Wolf Patrol (Teen Rebel Records)
5. The Mustangs Dust The Magic Carpet The "Lost" Album: Found and Revisited (Rarity Records)
1. Slacktone The Wedge [live] Surf Adventure Tour: Live In Prague (GoBoy Records)
2. The Brainwashers Oh Calcutta Be Careful With That Surfboard (Rainforest Records)
3. The Space Cadets In Space Astrobilly Rockin' (Vinyl Japan)
4. Big Ray and the Futuras The Glowing Men Desolation Planet (Double Crown Records)
5. The Apemen Cor Stein Rides The Wild Surfvival of de Onbeschofste (Nitro!)
1. The Skylights Runaway Traces Of ... [VA] (Twangsville Productions)
2. Estrume'n'tal Vacalgada Space'n'tal (Estrume'n'tal)
3. The Amazing Royal Crowns Do the Devil S/T (Kingdom Recordings)
4. Aqua Vista Surf Party The Gentleman Racer Limited Edition Mini LP (Fuzzpop Records)
5. The Revelaires High Tide High Tide
1. The Surftones Intra-Atomic Who Stole My Hypnotics? (Maho Pop)
2. The Nebulas Nebula One Nebula One (Tivertone Records)
3. The Treble Spankers Margaya Araban (Polydor)
4. The King Drapes Cat On The Roof Friday Nite Rumble! Vol. 5 [VA] (Run Wild Records)
5. Pollo Del Mar Ubik [live] Live In Japantown (Pop Records)
1. The Urban Surf Kings Seven Faces Of Dr. Surf Get Instro-Mental! (Cinnamon Toast Records)
2. The Special Agents Double-O-Surfin' Double-O-Surfin' (Vitaminic)
3. The Fabulous Planktones Man From PLANK Surfin' At The Sinbad (El Toro Records)
4. Dr. Frankenstein Mar Gaya The Psychotic Sounds Of (Zona)
5. Krontjong Devils Bali Ha'i Surfin' Sounds (Rarity Records)
1. Bitch Boys Did You Bring Your Brassnuckles Teasing With Brassnuckles At Playa Del Rey (Promo CD)
2. Tremelo Beer Gut Diablo Mountain Sunrise Under The Influence Of (Crunchy Frog)
3. The Metalunas Mojo Instrumentals Of Terror (RIP Records)
4. The Coffin Daggers Breaking Tide S/T (Urko Records)
5. The Go Getters You're Gonna Miss Me Real Gone (Part Records)