Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, September 5, 2002

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

1. Elvis Presley Blue Moon of Kentucky Sunrise (RCA)
2. Link Wray Jack the Ripper Rumble! The Best Of (Rhino)
3. The Neptunes Spaghetti Luau People of Earth, We Are (Spinout Records)
4. Deuces Wild Tear It Up Great British Rock 'N' Roll & Rockabilly Collection, vol. 1 [VA] (Raucous Records)
5. The New Dimensions Failsafe The Best Of (Sundazed)
1. The Nebulas Steel Pier Nebula One (Tivertone Records)
2. Shig & Buzz Run Double Diamonds (Mai Tai Records)
3. Crown Electric Rockabilly Opera Rockabilly Opera (Rollin' & Tumblin' Records)
4. Davie Allan and the Arrows The Party Fuzz Fest (Atomic Beat Records)
5. The Skylights Surfrider Traces Of [VA] (Twangsville Productions)
1. The Space Cossacks The Space Victory Theme Interstellar Stomp (MuSick Recordings)
2. Satan's Pilgrims Vampiro Creature Feature (Estrus Records)
3. The Atomics She's 18 Atomic Age (Jungle Records)
4. The Revels Church Key Intoxica!!! The Best Of (Sundazed)
5. The Surf Trio Crash Moxie And More (Blood Red)
1. The Langhorns Tierra Del Fuego
2. The Barbwires At the Skyline Drive-In Sounds Like Troubles
3. The Stray Cats 18 Miles To Memphis Greatest Hits (Curb Records)
4. The Black Widows Agent Double-O Swing Arocknaphobia
5. The Creepers Dick Tracy Creepin' With
1. Pollo Del Mar Route 666 [live] Live In Japan Town (Pop Records)
2. Koko Desert Sand This Is
3. The Revelaires The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In Orbit
4. Mack Stevens It's Nothin' To Me At Rollin' Rock (Rollin' Rock/HMG)
5. The Coffin Daggers Avenue X The Coffin Daggers (Urko Records)
1. Dr. Frankenstein Road To Tobasco The Psychotic Sounds Of (Zona)
2. The Diamondheads Waves Rancheras The Diamondheads
3. Kim Lenz and her Jaguars You Ain't Seen Nothin' Kim Lenz and her Jaguars (HMG)
4. Estrume'n'tal Casa Do Sol Nascente Space'n'tal (Estrume'n'tal)
5. 9th Wave Last of the V8s [live] Cruise Night (Promo CD)
1. Daikaiju Daikaiju Die Monster Surf (Migoto Radiation)
2. Krontjong Devils Yang Bu Surfin' Sounds Of (Rarity Records)
3. Hi Fi and the Roadburners Ain't That A Shame Wine, Women and Sin (Victory Records)
4. Slacktone Hitman [live] Surf Adventure Tour: Live In Prague (GoBoy Records)
5. Voodoo Court Elbow Grease The Party's Over (Aggravated Marshmallow)
1. The Surftones Insects Night Off Who Stole My Hypnotics? (Maho Pop)
2. Baronics Pintor Exposition
3. Robert Gordon with Link Wray Red Hot Robert Gordon with Link Wray/Fresh Fish Special (Raven)
4. The Vickings Rollin' Dice The Vickings (Nostalgia Records)
5. The Tremolo Beer Gut Stoli Chaser Under The Influence Of (Crunchy Frog)