Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, October 17, 2002

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

1. Matchbox Matchbox Riders In The Sky (Bellaphon)
2. Link Wray and the Raymen Batman Mr. Guitar: Original Swan Recordings (Norton Records)
3. Planet Creep Mars Mothership [Promo CD] (Planet Creep)
4. The Fireballs Torquay The Fireballs/Vaquero (Ace)
5. The Nebulas T-16 Nebula One (Tivertone Records)
1. The Blue Hawaiians Pipeline/Endless Sleep Live At The Lava Lounge (Pascal Records)
2. The Cramps Human Fly Psychedelic Jungle/Gravest Hits (I.R.S.)
3. Dick Dale Haji (electric) Spacial Disorientation (Dick Dale Records)
4. Squid Vicious Wade In The Water At War With The Whales (Deep Eddy Records)
5. VonRippers Media Nocturne Golly Gee Records Sneak Preview (Promo CD (Golly Gee Records))
1. The Space Cossacks The Crusher Tsar Wars (MuSick Recordings)
2. The Swiv-O-Matics Return Of The Fez Men Music To Get Lucky By (Go-Getter Records)
3. The Blue Cats Frankfurt Special 100% Rockabilly [VA] (Nervous Records)
4. The Outsiders Indian Summer Outsider On The Run
5. The Torquays Rescue At Mavericks Somewhere In California (Tork-A-Disk)
1. The Bambi Molesters Double Danger In Sonic Bullets (Dancing Bear)
2. Husky And The Sandmen Diamond Eye Ridin' The Wild Surf (Gas Records)
3. The Lennerockers My Woman She's Gone Wild! Wild! Wild! (Lennerecords)
4. Little Bee Tsunami Moonlit Night (Rarity Records)
5. The Nocturnes Third Star From The Left Back To The Beach (Surf Duck Records)
1. Krontjong Devils Blue Surf Surfin' Sounds Of The (Rarity Records)
2. The Sharks Maan Korvessa Memories (Feelgood Records)
3. The Riverside Trio Love Me, Hold Me, Squeeze Me Riverside Rockabillies [VA] (Raucous Records)
4. The Goldentones Highway Boogie Destination Moon (Rarity Records)
5. Slacktone Cat On A Hot Foam Board [live] Surf Adventure Tour: Live In Prague (GoBoy Records)
6. The Supertones Oceanride Are Go (Golly Gee Records)
1. The Tremolo Beer Gut Revolvo 1974 Under The Influence Of (Crunchy Frog)
2. Estrume'n'tal Pouso Alegre Surfme'n'tal (Golly Gee Records)
3. Matchbox Settin' The Woods On Fire Settin' The Woods On Fire (Raucous Records)
4. Bitch Boys Surfin' Tide In Heat (Promo CD)
5. The Surftones Mr. Maximus Who Stole My Hypnotics? (Maho Pop)
1. The Honkeys The Wayback Machine Tequila Mockingbird (Golly Gee Records)
2. The Coffin Daggers Hornets' Nest [S/T] (Urko Records)
3. Hot Rod Lincoln Pretty Picture Astronaut Girl (HRL)
4. Bongo Surf Pipeline (MP3)
5. Atomic Mosquitos Mexican Jumping Bean [S/T] (Atomic Mosquitos)
1. Kev Black & The Muffdivers Comin' To Getcha Comin' To Getcha (Salisbury Records)
2. Pollo Del Mar Come As You Are [live] Live In Japan Town (POP Records)
3. El Ray Tornado Shoot From The Hip
4. Boz Boorer & The Sputniks Bad Hangover Friday Nite Rumble! Vol. 9 (Run Wild Records)
5. The Diamondheads Dented Fender [S/T]