Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, March 6, 2003

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

1. Link Wray & His Ray Men Run Chicken Run Mr. Guitar (Norton Records)
2. Surf Report Landslide The Bikini Island Experiment (Rickshaw Records)
3. The Crawdads Lover's Rock Riverside Rockabillies [VA] (Raucous Records)
4. Zoe McCulloch This Ol' House With Love (Mustang Music)
5. Twang Sputnik Saslyk Licensed To Thrill (Twang Records)
1. Los Mel-tones Custom Cruiser Surf Before Sunrise (Halakahiki Records)
2. Surf Cinema Honeybaked Ham [S/T] (Surf Cinema)
3. King Dapper Rat Fink Friday Nite Rumble! Vol. 10 [VA] (Run Wild Records)
4. The Outsiders Peacemaker The Showdown
5. The Surfing Spacemen Immemorial Mental Pictures (Globe Records)
1. The Deoras Polaris Surf Spy Tiki Instro (The Deoras)
2. The Sin-Tones The Resurrection Of Joe Clark Surf-o-Ghetti! (Fading Ways Music)
3. Buzz & the Flyers Is It Cool? 100% Rockabilly [VA] (Nervous Records)
4. Atomic Mosquitos 77 No Pest Strip [S/T] (Atomic Mosquitos)
5. Orestes Prezza Billy Billy Trombones, Maracas E Duas Guitarras Fumegantes (Ordinary Records)
1. The Surf Coasters Thunder Lily Easter
2. The Tridents Walk Don't Run Medley Soul Surfer (The Tridents)
3. Darrel Higham Revenue Man Mobile Corrosion (Nervous Records)
4. The Longhorn Devils Clash Of The Titans Spitfire Bar-Bee (Wildebeest Records)
5. The Looney Tunes Wayward Nile Cool Surfin' (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
1. Little Bee Drum Like A Moose Moonlit Night (Rarity Records)
2. Man Or Astroman? Reverb 10,000 Destroy All Astro-Men!! (Estrus Records)
3. Charlie Feathers That Certain Female Rollin' Rock Got The Sock. Vol. 1 [VA] (Rollin' Rock/HMG)
4. Planet Creep Mars Mothership [S/T] [Promo CD]
5. The Bambi Molesters Bubble Bath Sonic Bullets (Dancing Bear)
1. Bitch Boys Amor In Heat [Promo CD]
2. Koko El Pastichio Numero Dos
3. The Lennerockers Pin Up Girl Simply Beautiful
4. The Hydrotones Tamla's Gone Bonkers Hydrophonics USA (Longview Records)
5. Dave Wronski For A Fistful Of Dollars For A Few Guitars More [VA] (Dancing Bear)
1. The Surf-Liners Steamer Lane Where's The Surf? (HVE)
2. Insect Surfers Horizon Riders Mojave Reef (Marlin)
3. Mister Twister Tvoi O.K. [MP3]
4. Lombego Surfers Rising Surf Heavy Surf [VA] (Reptile Records)
5. Hawaii Samurai Born Under The Sun In Surf We Trust [Promo CD]
1. The Mysterons Tail Gunner Wiki Wiki [Promo CD]
2. Longboard Ranch Undercrushed Surfin' Out West
3. Dr. Snout & his Hogs of Rhythm I'm Lost Without You Supermurgitroid (Goofin' Records)
4. Susan And The Surftones Blue Hammer 99 The Originals (Acme Brothers Records)
5. Mofos F$#! Art ... Let's Make Money Supercharged On Alcohol (Hell Beach Records)
1. CHUM In The Green Room (Through Your Mama's Brown Eye) The Dewey Decibel System (CHUM)
2. Destination Earth System Failure Adventures In Newspace (Gelatinous Productions)
3. Da North Shore Surf Band Pots & Pans Dance On The Water (Dakine Music)
4. VonRippers Whiter Shade Of Pale Scary TV (Royal Palms Records)
5. Estrumental Baja Spaceme'n'tal (Golly Gee Records)