Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, July 24, 2003

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

1. The Vibrants Scorpion Rare Surf, Vol. 2 [VA] (AVI)
2. The Reverberators Gringo's Gulch Limbo Fury (Reverberators)
3. Jack Scott The Way I Walk The Way I Walk: The Original Carleton Recordings 1958-1960 (Roller Coaster Records)
4. The Sin-Tones The Resurrection Of Joe Clark Surf-o-Ghetti! (Fading Ways Music)
5. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet Bennet Cerf Savvy Show Stoppers (Cargo Records)
1. The Phantom Surfers Rootin' Around For Ramona The Great Surf Crash Of '97 (Lookout Records)
2. The Outsiders Surf Detective Outsider On The Run
3. The Flatfoot Shakers I'm Getting Rid Of You Shakin' Tonight (Preston Records)
4. Dave Myers And The Surftones Gear! Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar I [VA] (Sundazed)
5. Fifty Foot Combo The Tunnel Go Hunting (MuSick Recordings)
1. Splashback Wavechaser Changing Tides (Splashback)
2. The Creepniks Surfin' With Satan Graveyard Shindig (Grave Wax Records)
3. Deke Dickerson And The Ecco-Fonics Broken Down & Broken Hearted More Million Sellers (Hightone Records)
4. Dick Dale HMFIC Spatial Disorientation (Dick Dale Records)
5. The Aqua Velvets Subterranea Guitar Noir (Milan)
1. Half & Half Pearlfisher Twangy Guitars, Silky Strings, Vol. 6 [VA] (Twangsville Productions)
2. The Swiv-O-Matics Charm City Surfer Carm City Surfer (Bad Go Getter Records)
3. Go Cat Go Drugstore Rock 'N' Roll
4. The Route 66 Killers Dia De Los Muertos Murder On Beaver Street (Grave Way Records)
5. Jon & The Nightriders Trailblazer Moving Target (Gee-Dee Music)
1. The Nebulas Torque Wrench [live] KFJC Live (Double Crown Records)
2. 9th Wave Fueled For Surf Time Tunnel (Beach House Records)
3. The New Dimensions Failsafe The Best Of (Sundazed)
4. Steve Hooker Leather Heart Don't Try To Understand 'Em (Crazy Love Records)
5. Bitch Boys James Bond Theme Behind The Hound Dog Walls (Bitch Boys)
1. The Invaders Addagio [live] Live After All These Years
2. The Spoilers Man Without The Scar
3. Spo-Dee-O-Dee Move Around, Move Around Gotta Have It (On The Hill Records)
4. Insect Surfers Coollangata Mojave Reef (Marlin)
5.The Woodies Midnight Ride Swimmin' In The Reverb (POP Records)
1. Hawaii Samurai Surf 'N' Destroy Let There Be Surf (Nova Express)
2. The Tridents Mr. Moto Soul Surfer (Tridents)
3. Jerry Engler Sputnik (1990's version) Collector's Corner (Songwriters Advocate Music)
4. The Fabulous Planktones Slant Six Are Makin' The Scene (El Toro Records)
5. The Bambi Molesters Rumble Guitar Ace: Link Wray Tribute [VA] (MuSick Recordings)
1. Longboard Ranch Midnight Cruise [demo track]
2. The Charades No Trespassing Supersonic Action (Echo Records)
3. The Domino Kings Roadrage Lonesome Highway (DK Tunes)
4. Da North Shore Surf Band Going Surfin' With Friends Dance On The Water (Da Kine Music)
5. Merrell Fankhauser Mu Rainforest Return To Mu (Sundazed)