Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, December 4, 2003

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

1. The Surf Lords Zombie Makin' Waves (Surf Lords)
2. Rubens & The Barrichellos Tamburello Gran Turismo (Million Dollar Records)
3. Sleepy La Beef Flying Saucer Rock 'N' Roll A Rockin' Decade (Charly)
4. Taivalkunta Beat Kirkkonummen Radala Kirkkonummen Radala (Warner Music Finland)
5. Herman The German & Das Cowboy Munsters [S/T] (Texicalli)
1. Link Wray Run Chicken Run Mr. Guitar (Norton Records)
2. The Kilaueas Black Sands Mundaka Calls (Double Crown Records)
3. Dizzy Elmer Where You Been? This Bad Dog (Texas Squid)
4. The Ramblers Mozart Stomp More Legends (And Rumors) 1961-1964 (Garland)
5. Reef Rider Cumshot Beyond The Reef (Reef Rider)
1. The Frantic Flattops One More Dance Hi-Fi Honey Revisited (Get Hip Recordings)
2. Los Walkysons Jinete Sin Cabeza Locos Instrumentales [VA] (Isotonic Records)
3. Bitch Boys Nitrus Behind The Hound Dog Walls (Ikebana Records)
4. The Torquays Rip Curl Return Engagement (Golly Gee Records)
5. Wild Wax Combo Please Don't Leave Me 100% Rockabilly, Vol. 2 [VA] (Nervous)
1. Los Coronas Getrunken Express The Vivid Sounds Of (El Toro Records)
2. The Propellers Black Sea Trip Twangin' Aournd The World, Vol. 2 [VA] (Twangsville Productions)
3. Rockin' Ryan And The Real Goners Hot Headed Mama Caged Heat (Golly Gee Records)
4. The Potatoes Recuerdes De La Alhambra Round The World (Texicalli)
5. The Surf COasters Movin' Surf Attack
1. The Typhoons El Cabron [S/T] (Kamikaze Records)
2. The Plungers Meet Mr. Mod Guitars Gone Wild!
3. The Flatfoot Shakers Kathleen Shakin' Tonight (Preston Records)
4. The Atlantics Big Swell Flight Of The Surf Guitar (Atlantics)
5. Los Plantronics Tijuana Mary Y Juana La Orchestra Diabolica (Mariachi Productions)
1. Duane Eddy Buckaroo Twang Thang (Rhino)
2. The Infrareds The Red Scare [live] Recorded On Microfilm (Infrareds)
3. Ronnie Dawson Shim Sham Shimmy Rockinitis (Crystal Clear Sound)
4. The Anacondas Gypsy Queen [S/T] (Surf A Delic)
5. Southern Culture On The Skids Rumors Of Surf Ditch Diggin' (Safe House)
1. The Astronauts Baja Surfin' With/Competition Coupe (Bear Family)
2. The Penetrators Checkpoint Echo Locked & Loaded (Double Crown Records)
3. The Unkool Hillbillies Hillbilly Party Right To Rumble! (Yodeler Records)
4. The Vivisectors Pretty Promo Version 2000-2003 (Vivisectors)
5. Bitch Boys Not So Quiet Quiet Bells Of El Monte (Ikebana Records)
1. Estrume'n'tal Casa Do Sol Nascente Surfme'n'tal (Golly Gee Records)
2. The Metalunas It Came From The Nebula X-Minus-One (American Pop Project)
3. Hasil Adkins No More Hot Dogs Out To Hunch (Norton Records)
4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps Oriental Love A Tribute To Agents (Twangsville Productions)
5. Speedball Jr. L'Amour La Mort Whiplash (Drunkabilly Records)