Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, December 11, 2003

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

1. The Atlantics Point Zero Point Zero (Atlantics)
2. The Mach IV Astroboy Eleki! (Halakahiki Records)
3. The Blasters Crazy Baby American Music (Hightone Records)
4. Jonny And The Shamen Cat On A Hot Foam Board Operation: TWANG! (Loch Ness Records)
5. The Space Agency Galactic Guitars [S/T] (Tremolo Records)
1. Los Coronas Chila Ther Vivid Sounds Of (El Toro Records)
2. Bitch Boys Devojko Mala Behind The Hound Dog Walls (Ikebana Records)
3. The Frantic Flattops Slippin' In Hi-Fi Honey Revisited (Get Hip Recordings)
4. The Sentinals Big Surf Big Surf (Del-Fi Records)
5. The Longhorn Devils New Bond Spitfire Bar-Bee (Wildebeest Records)
1. Rubens & Barrichellos Esmeralda Gran Turismo (Million Dollar Records)
2. The Torquays Splash Zone Return Engagement (Golly Gee Records)
3. Dizzy Elmer Could She Kiss This Bad Dog (Texas Squid Music)
4. Reef Rider Kinky Cowgirl Beyond The Reef (Reef Rider)
5. Puppe & The Boys Ni-Ko-Te Twangin' Around The World, Vol. 2 [VA] (Twangsville Productions)
1. Jon & The Nightriders Thunder Over Rincon Moving Target (Gee-Dee Music)
2. The Nebulas Mandalore Locos Instrumentales [VA] (Isotonic Records)
3. The Go Getters Icecold Baby Real Gone (Part Records)
4. The Infrareds The Infraromp [live] Recorded On Microfilm (Infrareds)
5. The Surf Coasters Movin' On, Rollin' On Surf Attack
1. The Swiv-O-Matics (She Came From) Planet Stripper Charm City Surfer (Bad Go Getter Records)
2. The Kilaueas Hula Roach Mundaka Calls (Double Crown Records)
3. Rockin' Ryan And The Real Goners When's Daddy Gettin' Paid Caged Heat (Golly Gee Records)
4. Pollo Del Mar Playa Pistola The Ocean Is Not For Cowards (POP Records)
5. The Vivisectors Charlie 2000-2003 Promo Version (Vivisectors)
1. Impala Anna Vienna El Rancho Reverbo (Icehouse Records)
2. The Hypnotic IV Left On 299 Go Baby Go (Hypnotone Records)
3. Darrell Rhodes Four O'Clock Baby Rock 'N' Roll Orgy [VA] (Flesh Den)
4. The Hydrotones Pachyderm Picasso Hydrophonics USA (Longview Records)
5. Shig & Buzz Lost Train Double Diamonds (Mai Tai Records)
1. Slacktone Tidal Wave [live] Surf Adventure Tour - Live In Prague (GoBoy Records)
2. The Plungers Propeller Guitars Gone Wild! (No Sweat Records)
3. Charlie Feathers That Certain Female Kill Bill, Vol. 1 : Original Soundtrack [VA] (A Band Apart Records/Miramax)
4. While My Guitar Gently Weeps Snake Shake A Tribute To Agents [VA] (Twangsville Productions)
5. Brazil 2001 Penetration Three-Headed Gidget [VA] (POP Records)
1. The Fender IV Mar Gaya Legends of Guitar. Surf, Vol. 1 [VA] (Rhino)
2. The Manatees Thilo Bode Swamp Thang (Orange Recordings)
3. Siberian Mad Dogs Alcohol 100% Rockabilly, Vol. 2 [VA] (Nervous)
4. The Shadows Man Of Mystery Shadows Are Go (Scamp)
5. Simon Chardiet Surf Octopus Bug Bite Daddy (Upstart)