Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, January 8, 2004

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

1. Elvis Presley Heartbreak Hotel The King Of Rock And Roll: The Complete '50s Masters (RCA Records)
2. The Infrareds Opening The Watergate (live at the Lava Lounge, Hollywood, CA) Recorded On Microfilm (Infrareds)
3. The Legendary Shack Shakers Pinetree Boogie Cockadoodledon't (Bloodshot Records)
4. Jonny And The Shamen Beat Party Operation: Twang! (Loch Ness Records)
5. The Aqua Velvets Casbah Club Guitar Noir (Milan)
6. Johnny Legend Gunfight At The O.K. Corral Bitchin' (Dionysus Records)
1. The Razorblades Fasten Seatbelts Get Cut By (Surf Waves Records)
2. Sonny George The Sign Truckin' Country (Spinout Records)
3. The Kilaueas Checkmate 100 Mundaka Calls (Double Crown Records)
4. The Mach IV Il Eko Eleki Eleki! (Halakahiki Records)
5. Red Elvises Rocketmat I Wanna See You Bellydance (Shoobah-Doobah Records)
1. Bitch Boys Memories Of El Monte Quiet Bells Of El Monte (Ikebana Records)
2. The Sin-Tones Mail Order Bride Surf-O-Ghetti! (Fading Ways Music)
3. The Space Agency You Make Me Nervous Twist [S/T] (Tremolo Records)
4. Rubens & The Barrichellos Geronimo Gran Turismo (One Million Dollar Records)
5. Swangsters The Swangster 100% Rockabilly, Vol. 2 [VA] (Nervous)
1. The Sadies A#1 The Continental Magazine #10 International CD Sampler (Continental Magazine)
2. The Wanglers Danger Black Horse (Goofin' Records)
3. The Red Shots My Little Sister Got A Motorbike Jubilee (Red Shot Records)
4. Reef Rider Two Sharks Beyond The Reef (Reef Rier)
5. The Vivisectors Cowboy Surfer Case History Of John Doe (Vivisectors)
1. Cutback The Liquidator Almost Live (Cutback)
2. Dizzy Elmer Honky tonkin' This Bad Dog (Texas Squid Music)
3. Surf Report Bluff Failure Locos Instrumentales [VA] (Isotonic Records)
4. Los Coronas Babylon's Surfin' The Vivid Sounds Of ... (El Toro Records)
5. Bill Haley & His Comets Fractured Rock The Joint! (Rollercoaster Records)
1. The Black Widows Cosmic Ape Arocknaphobia (Black Widows)
2. Insect Surfers Electric Marlin Mojave Reef (Marlin)
3. The Frantic Flattops w/Ronnie Dawson Crazy Mixed Up World Hi-Fi Honey Revisited (Get Hip Recordings)
4. The Jumpin' Wheels Hot Rod Mama Hot Rod Mama (Cab Records)
5. Los Plantronics Sidewinder La Orchestra Diabolica (Mariachi Productions)
1. Foggy Mountain Rockers Wildcat Dice In Flames (Tombstone Records)
2. The Plungers Unfrozen Caveman Surfer Land Of A Thousand Surf Guitars
3. The Torquays Trilobite Return Engagement (Golly Gee Records)
4. The Flatfoot Shakers I Guess It's Meant That Way Shakin' Tonight (Preston Records)
5. Dalek Beach Party Short Circuit Ride Again
1. The Dangermen Go Go Slow Driving Guitars, Vol. 1 [VA] (Twangsville Productions)
2. The Atlantics Gatecrasher Point Zero (Atlantics)
3. The Unkool Hillbillies Regal Boogie Right To Rumble (Yodeler Records)
4. Rockin' Ryan & The Real Goners Wild For You Baby Caged Heat (Golly Gee Records)
5. Puppe & The Boys Malaka Twangin' Around The World, Vol. 2 [VA] (Twangsville Productions)
6. The Anacondas The Custer Stomp [S/T] (Surf A Delic)
7. Los Straitjackets Isn't Love Grand Supersonic Guitars In 3-D
8. Star Devils Countin' Sheep [MP3]
9. The Astroglides Horsepower [MP3]
10. Elvis Presley Don't Be Cruel The Million Dollar Quartet (RCA Records)
11. Elvis Presley Paralyzed The Million Dollar Quartet (RCA Records)