Tsunami Soul Playlist
Thursday, June 24, 2004

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

1. The Fender IV Everybody Up Randy Holden Early Works '64-'66 (Captain Trip Records)
2. Sandblasters Brutal Surfers Cactus Stingray (Wildebeest Records)
3. Cave Catt Sammy The Thing I Lack Is A Cadillac Whiskey And The Devil (Rubric Records)
4. Big Surf Tarfoot Action Heroes (Big Surf)
5. Lou Miller Shorty The Barber Kings Of The Ducktail Cats [VA] (Pompadour Records)
1. Cadillac Hitmen Figure In Black Two In The Hat (Gem Buzz Records)
2. The Breakaways Journey To The Stars Time Surfin' (Reel McCoy Music)
3. Marti Brom Snake Ranch Snake Ranch (Goofin' Records)
4. The Surf Coasters The Clash Miserlou -- 10th Anniversary Best (Victor Entertainment)
5. Joe Ely She Never Spoke Spanish To Me [S/T] (BGO Records)
1. The Atlantics Gatecrasher Point Zero (Atlantics)
2. The Webasto Hayfork Twist Cold And Hunger (Twangsville Productions)
3. Rose Maddox Hey Little Dreamboat Ain't I'm A Dog [VA] (Columbia/Epic/Legacy)
4. Moby Dicks Santa Fe Roach Coach Works In Progress (Moby Dicks)
5. Steve Hooker Fire Bootlegged Blues (S. Hooker Rock Music Ltd.)
1. The Pickniks Awry [S/T] (WRMS)
2. Surf Nation Soweto Surf Music For Dangerous Activities (T&A Records)
3. The Lennerockers The Girl Of My Dreams Simply Beautiful (Lennerecords)
4. The Concaves Cowellkiki Warning: Heavy Surf Advisory (Concaves)
5. The Barnshakers Watchdog North Of Juarez (Goofin' Records)
1. The Dee Jays Sunday Patrol Board Boogie [VA] (Big Beat International Records)
2. Merrell Fankhauser La Perouse Rockin' And Surfin' (Ocean Records)
3. Star Devils Sweetest Thang Diagnosis Dee-Licious (Kat-Tone Records)
4. 9th Wave Jah Surf Hurricane (Beach House Records)
5. Double Naught Spy Car Hybrid Vigor Comb In Blue Water (11-ft. Pole Record Co.)
1. The Surfaris Hawaii 5-O Basic Tracks ()Got It Records
2. The Surfacers Crushing [S/T] (Green Cookie Records)
3. Foggy Mountain Rockers Cast Iron Arm Dice In Flames (Tombstone)
4. Mofos M.A.N.T. Supercharged On Alcohol (Hell Beach Records)
5. Rockin' 8-Balls Life Begins At 4 O'Clock Goofin' Around [VA] (Goofin' Records)
1. The Beat Tornados Return Of The Griegster Scandinavian Interlude (Flipside Records)
2. Urban Surf Kings Valley Of The Kings Surf vs. The Flying Saucers (USK International)
3. Ricky Nelson Lonesome Town Legendary Masters Series, Vol. 1 (EMI)
4. The Vivisectors KGB Moscow Nights Case History Of John Doe (Vivisectors)
5. The Legendary Shack Shakers Pinetree Boogie Cockledoodledon't (Bloodshot Records)
1. Gary Sredzienski & The Serfs Flight Of The Serfer Bee Cruisin' The Creek (Bellows Music)
2. The Alohas Atlantica Get Leid With (Off The Hip)
3. The Sin-Tones The Resurrection Of Joe Clark Surf-O-Ghetti (Fading Ways Music)
4. The New Strangers Letkis Ave Ceasar (Warner/Chappel Music)
5. The Blue Hawaiians The Jester [live] Live At The Lava Lounge 4/16/95 (Pascal Records)
6. The Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Targets Wilson Chance: The Sound Of Danger [VA] (Hammond Beat)