Tsunami Soul Playlist
July 28, 2005

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

Ramonetures Johnny "Walk Don't Run" Paulene Los Angeles Blood Red 2:52pm
Family Dollar Pharohs Haunted Ransom Street Operative Family Dollar Pharohs 2:50pm
The Dynotones [S/T] Surf Softly Dynotones 2:50pm
Charlie Feathers Gone Gone Gone Bottle To The Baby Charly Records 2:43pm
The Challengers K-39 K-39 Sundazed 2:43pm
The Goldfingers Destination Moon Train Dans L'Espace Rarity Records Finland 2:38pm
Hawaii Samurai Let There Be Surf Surn 'N' Destroy Les Productions De L'Impossible France 2:38pm
Davie Allan & The Arrows Devil's Rumble -- Anthology '64-'68 The Rebel (Without A Cause) Sundazed 2:37pm
The Nu Niles Good Luck, Good Friends, Good Rockin'! I Can't Come Back Home Part Records Spain 2:36pm
The Bustin' Burritos For Your Russian/Mexican Mental Pictures Imaginary Visitors TandemHorror Sweden 2:35pm
King Drapes Rockabilly Rules! To The Wanderers Raucous Records Finland 2:22pm
The Route 66 Killers Murder On Beaver Street Baba Yaga GraveWax Records 2:21pm
Hot Rod Trio "Live" Long Blonde Hair [live] Golly Gee Records 2:17pm
The Torquays Road Trip Hodad Holiday Tork-A-Disc 2:16pm
The Space Agency Kaleidoscopic Sounds Misirlou Tremolo Records England 2:15pm
Wild Wax Combo Ready To Go Hot Rod From Hell Enviken Records Denmark 2:15pm
TubeStone Aligretosurfati Lazy Queen Daisy TubeStone Slovenia 2:11pm
Jet Black Combo Out Of Control Out Of Control Hetown Records Sweden 2:11pm
Puppe & The Boys Twang's Up! Exalibur Puppe & The Boys Finland 2:10pm
Vegas Beach Share The Sand Yucatan Vegas Beach Canada 1:59pm
The Legendary Hucklebucks Rattle All Night Long And Shake You Unlucky With The Ladies Rock N Roll Purgatory 1:58pm
The Moe Greene Specials [S/T] The El Monte Case Moe Greene Specials Belgium 1:57pm
Billy & The Bullets [S/T] Jump, Boogie & Bop Billy & The Bullets 1:56pm
Spy-Fi Music For Spies, Thighs & Private Eyes, Vol. 2 Zombo Shuffle SIVLE Records 1:55pm
The Kustard Kings Blam! Blam! Confidential Recordings 1:52pm
Rocket 350 Built To Last Religion Rock N Roll Purgatory 1:42pm
Los Twang! Marvels Guitars In Orbit Carioca El Toro Records Germany 1:40pm
Steve Hooker Boptown Sally Sue Brown On The Hill Records England 1:39pm
Bonney & Buzz Rock-Ola Drawn To The Sea Double Crown Records 1:38pm
The Bradipos IV Surf Session She Devil's Curse Teen Sound Records Italy 1:37pm
Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks The Birdnest Years Theme From The Persuaders Bird Nest Sweden 1:35pm
Tiki Tiki Bamboooos Where Is Your Secret Spot? Sugoina Tiki Tiki Bamboooos Germany 1:33pm
Mars Attacks Shake Baby Shake [VA] Lonesome Tears In My Eyes Be Be's Records 1:28pm
Atomic Mosquitos Release The Mosquitos Wild Wild Midwest Nukular Records 1:28pm
The Bananas Summoning Tsunami Bosaneros Bananas Slovenia 1:26pm
The Star & Key Of The Indian Ocean Vintage Soup Nitro Green Cookie Records France 1:21pm
Rip Carson Rockabilly Showdown, Vol. 1 [VA] Cause Of It All Golly Gee Records 1:18pm
Orgasm Every Time Double Whammy [VA] Midnight Conspiracy Part 1 DBP International 1:17pm
Slick Pelt Chops: Wanted Dead Or Alive [VA] First Date Mike LaConte 1:16pm
The Human Tornados [S/T] Shadow Of The Rangemaster Klang Records 1:13pm
Foggy Mountain Rockers Wanted -- Six Rockin' Men Thank God I'm A Teddy Boy Part Records Germany 1:03pm
Estrume'n'tal Neander'n'tal Fuzzido Golly Gee Records Brazil 1:02pm
Dr. Frankenstein Crime Scenes And Murder Songs From ... AM 666 Double Crown Records Portugal 1:01pm
Cyclones Street Altered Rattlesnakin' Daddy Heptown Records Sweden 1:00pm
Tim Coffman Music From Beach Boulevard Flamingo Sunrise Rolltop Records 1:00pm