Tsunami Soul Playlist
May 18, 2006

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

The Bitch Boys In Heat Stalking Mermaid Golly Gee Records Slovenia 8:00pm
The Thunderheads Strummin' Mental [VA] Thunderhead Crypt 7:58pm
Way Out West Motorhula Motorhula Kamikaze Records Germany 7:54pm
Irridescents Bali Hai 7:52pm
The Bananas Summoning Tsunami Indians Attack Bananas Slovenia 7:46pm
Alwaro Negro Clean! Frisbee Alwaro Negro Italy 7:43pm
The Treble Spankers Hasheeda A Man Called Curse Polydor Netherlands 7:39pm
Lost Acapulco Spaguetti & Chili Western [VA] La Calaveras Del Justicio Isotonic Records Mexico 7:36pm
The Surf Coasters Surfside Village Tsunami Struck Victor Entertainment Japan 7:33pm
Mack Stevens Hardcore Texas Cat Music! I Hate The Moon Rollin' Rock 7:27pm
The Treble Spankers Hasheeda Jaa-Rabbi Polydor Netherlands 7:24pm
Phantom Frank Dead Man Surfin' Dead Man Surfin' Pure Note Netherlands 7:22pm
Webb Wilder Hybrid Vigor Human Cannonball Island Records 7:18pm
The All Nighters Drink All Night Gypsy Skank New Regard Media 7:14pm
The Vivisectors Handmade By ... Duane Stomp Vivisectors Russia 7:10pm
The Special Agents Bulletproof Beat Double-O-Surfin' Hammondbeat Records UK 7:08pm
Los Santisimos Snorkels Mascara Vs Snorkel Enterra Da En La Arena Reverb Producciones Mexico 7:04pm
The Razorblades The Dark Side Of The Beach Into The Unknown General Schallplatten Germany 7:00pm
Los Coronas Surfin' Tenochtitlan The Wedge Isotonic Records Spain 6:56pm
Charlie Feathers Gone Gone Gone Bottle To The Baby Charly Records 6:50pm
The Sidemen Astoria [mp3] Germany 6:47pm
Los Kahunas El Fantastico Sonido Surf & Hot-Rod De ... Surfers Paradise Oleoductos Discos Argentina 6:44pm
Bufalos D'Agua Farewell To Shore Terremotor Bufalos D'Agua Brazil 6:41pm
El Gato y su Bando Mexican Madness [VA] Chavo Ractive Isotonic Records Mexico 6:39pm
Dave Myers and his Surftones Lost Legends Of Surf Guitar, Vol. 1 [VA] Gear! Sundazed 6:37pm
The Nebulas [S/T] Plymouth Rock Double Crown Records 6:35pm
The El Caminos Beatrama Greensleeves Del-Fi Records Japan 6:33pm
The Falcons Instrobeat [VA] Wake Up Fireball Records Canada 6:30pm
Los Coronas Instro Latin-O-Rama [VA] 80 Foot Wave Isotonic Records Spain 6:27pm
Big Mascara Bikini-Mania [VA] Pet Semetary COMA Mexico 6:25pm
The Sellcancers Wild Sazanami Beat, Vol. 1 [VA] Seashore Patrol Sazanami Japan 6:22pm
TiKiTiKi BAMBooooS Wild Sazanami Beat, Vol. 1 [VA] Shark Next Door Sazanami Germany 6:04pm
Los Jets Live In Concert FBI [live] H.M.R. Records Spain 5:59pm
The Aqualads Hotbox Disintegration Aqualads 5:56pm