Tsunami Soul Playlist
September 21, 2006

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

Bitch Boys In Heat Blejski Venck Radio Hit Slovenia 7:57pm
Los Santisimos Snorkels Surf Mex 2 [VA] Insomnio Grabaxiones Alicia Mexico 7:55pm
The Aqua Velvets [S/T] Swampabilly Hop Riptide Records 7:51pm
King Drapes Rockabilly Rules! Bluest Blue Raucous Records FInland 7:49pm
Kahuna Kawentzmann The Tiki & The Guitar Surfin' Maumau Kahuna Kawentzmann Germany 7:44pm
The Surf A's Instrumentally Ill Crash Surf A Lot Netherlands 7:42pm
Los Coronas Surfin' Tenochtitlan Supertubes Isotonic Records Spain 7:39pm
Glasgow Tiki Shakers In Venice Splat Tip Top Records 7:37pm
The Ghastly Ones Target: Draculon Flying Saucers Over Van Nuys Ghastly Ones 7:35pm
Tim Coffman Big Wave Gypsies [radio single] Rolltop Music 7:27pm
Dick Dale & His Del-Tones The Best Of ... Taco Wagon Rhino 7:25pm
Mister Neutron Red Triangle Comanchero Deep Eddy Records 7:23pm
Hula Hoop Live It Up Comanche [live] Hula Hoop Russia 7:20pm
The Surf Teens Surf Mania Kalani Wipe Out Bacchus Archives 7:18pm
Jet Black Combo Southern Style Cherry Baby Heptown Records Sweden 7:16pm
The Surftones WHo Stole My Hypnotics? Point Of Extreme Maho Pop Finland 7:14pm
The Surf Coasters Surfdelic Kick Down Fun House/Surfside VIllage Japan 7:11pm
Lee Rocker Racin' The Devil Texarkana To Panama City Alligator Records 7:07pm
The Reverburritos Widget Magic Carpet Shop (Of Horrors) Reverburritos 7:04pm
Steve Hooker Boptown Rockin' Ace Of Spades On The Hill Records UK 7:00pm
The Polecats Not Nervous! Let's Bop NV Records UK 6:57pm
El Patapsco L.R.D.G. Western Grip El Patapsco 6:53pm
Slacktone Surf Adventure Tour - Live In Prague Birdbone [live] GoBoy Records 6:50pm
Los Muertos Vivientes Adelante Muertos! Adelante Muertos! Los Muertos Vivientes Brazil 6:46pm
The Madeira Sandstorm Intruder #1 Double Crown Records 6:45pm
Sr. Bikini Surf Extremo Saca La Chela Pepe Lobo Rekords Mexico 6:42pm
The Hot Rocks Rockabilly Sauce Love Me SFAX Records France 6:40pm
The Special Agents Bulletproof Beat A Spy In The Ointment Hammondbeat Records UK 6:38pm
Red Elvises I Wanna See you Belly Dance El Nino Shooba-Doobah Records Siberia 6:34pm
Spy-Fi Music For Spies, Thighs & Private Eyes Reid's Situation Sivle Records 6:31pm
Takeshi Terauchi & His Blue Jeans Beat! Beat! Beat! Vol. 1-2 Django King Japan 6:26pm
The Buckshots Too Hot 2 Handle Stroll Heptown Records Sweden 6:22pm
The Isotopes Choose Your Own Adventure Up And Atom Garage Pop Records 6:20pm
Hula Hoop Read My Lips Slow Motion BRP Records Russia 6:16pm
The Diamondheads Diamond Head At Dusk [advance promo] Firewater Diamondheads 6:14pm
BIg John Bates Flamethrower Big Boom Bop Devil Sauce Recordings 6:11pm
The Astroglides Selling Out WIth ... Thunder! Lightning! Sshaking Recordss Israel 6:09pm
Alwaro Negro Clean! Root Alwaro Negro 6:06pm
Speechless The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly [mp3] Speechless 6:04pm
The Kilaueas! Professor Volcanova Space Echoid All Score Germany 6:02pm