Tsunami Soul Playlist
November 9, 2006

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

Webb Wilder It Came From Nashville Human Cannonball Landslide 7:58pm
The Wet Tones Mucho Reverbo Playa Piranha Ammonia Italy 7:53pm
The Treble Spankers Araban Araban Polydor Netherlands 7:47pm
The Phantom Four Madhur Kyma Mirananda Records Netherlands 7:44pm
The Breakers Strummin' Mental, Part Two [VA] Jet Stream Crypt 7:42pm
Jackie And The Cedrics Great 9 Stomps Set El Conquistador One Plus Two Japan 7:40pm
Antena Tres Onda Di Crimine Uschi Digard Antena Tres France 7:36pm
The Thurston Lava Tube The Thoughtful Sounds Of Bat Smuggling Miserlou Cordelia Records UK 7:33pm
The Pyronauts Surf And Destroy Mike's Barracuda Pyronauts 7:30pm
Kayama Yuzo Black Sand Beach Black Sand Beach Dreamusic Japan 7:28pm
Link Wray & The Ray Men They're Outa Here Says Archie Pancho Villa Rollercoaster Records 7:21pm
Thomas Four Making Waves Ghost Hunter Thomas Four 7:19pm
The Rattlesnakes Tornado Magic Fly TCY-Records Russia 7:15pm
Bitch Boys Ride The First Wave Banzai Washout Golly Gee Records Slovenia 7:14pm
The Treble Spankers Araban Black Eyes Polydor Netherlands 7:09pm
Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans Let's Go Terry! Black Carnation King Japan 7:06pm
Shig & Buzz Sonic Traveler Astro Boy Shig-A-Sonic 7:03pm
The Polecats Not Nervous! Slippin' In NV Records UK 7:01pm
Kaapo & Zetor Finest Hour, May I Instruduce Baby Elephant Walk Twangsville Productions FInland 6:59pm
The Reverburritos Widget Hammerhead Reverburritos 6:55pm
Long Boards Big Surf Jeff Phillips El Toro Records Spain 6:51pm
Steve Hooker Stagger Lee Is Back Black Train White City NV Records UK 6:48pm
The Greaseballs Tombstone Wax Least Favorite Martian Pug Records 6:45pm
Surfpatrouille Instronaut Arrabiata Kamikaze Records Germany 6:43pm
Omar With The Wavespies Surf Band Surf Rage/Maui Wavespies Maui Wipeout Ocean Records 6:41pm
Wild Wax Combo Ready To Go Space Race Enviken Records Sweden 6:38pm
The Special Agents Bulletproof Beat Double-O-Surfin' Hammondbeat Records UK 6:36pm
Los Jets 40 N-3 W Flight Of The Bumble Bee H.M.R. Records Spain 6:33pm
Glasgow TIki Shakers In Venice Exbrook Tip Top Records 6:31pm
The Diamondheads Diamond Head At Dusk [advance promo] Snowplow Diamondheads 6:29pm
The Hot Rocks Rockabilly Sauce King Of The Game SFAX Records France 6:25pm
Hula Hoop Read My Lips Troyka BRP Records Russia 6:23pm
Munetaka Inoue & His Sharp Five Paradise A Go Go! James Bond Theme King Japan 6:20pm
The Fin-Dicators Surfin' The Seven Apache Fin-Dicators 6:17pm
Slacktone Surf Adventure Tour - Live In Prague The Wedge [live] GoBoy Records 6:15pm
Darrel Higham Mobile Corrosion Like A Brand New Man Nervous Records UK 6:11pm
The Malibooz Malibooz Rule! Tower 9 The Pier Group 6:09pm
Eddie Angel ... Plays Link Wray Rumble Mambo Spinout Records 6:06pm
Netunos Reverb Brazil [VA] 120 Obra Discos Brazil 6:04pm
The Surf Coasters Easter!! Tragic Wind Frontline Japan 6:02pm