Tsunami Soul Playlist
February 1, 2007

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

El Ray Holiday On Ice Car Hire From Hell Heptown Records Denmark 8:26pm
Happy Times Twangin' Around The World [VA] Rainbow Twangsville Productions Finland 8:23pm
The Sidemen Go Too Far! Soho Zentral-Records Germany 8:19pm
Southern Culture On The Skids Too Much Pork For One Fork Roadside Wreck Moist Records 8:16pm
Link Protrudi And The Jaymen Drive It Live Bandito [live] SkyClad 8:13pm
The Bomboras It Came From Pier 13! Kamikaze Dionysus Records 8:11pm
Ray Daytona & Googoobombos Fasten Seat Belt High Pressure Liquid Chromatography Ammonia Records Spain 8:06pm
Surf Report Inferno Surfonica Rickshaw Records 8:04pm
The Kilaueas Magmanautic Inferno Agent Magma Kamikaze Records Germany 8:02pm
GT Stringer Tsunami Walk The Plank Tremolo 10 Australia 7:58pm
The Boss Martians XKE!/I'm The One You Need XKE! Hillsdale 7:56pm
Bitch Boys Ride The First Wave Pendleton Surf Golly Gee Records Slovenia 7:54pm
The Babwires Sounds Like Trouble Ms Riptide RPM Zorch Sweden 7:53pm
The Bahareebas Jellyfishing Winona Bahareebas Switzerland 7:50pm
The Atlantics Flight Of The Surf Guitar Flight Of The Surf Guitar Atlantics Music Australia 7:48pm
El Santo Surf Mex 2 [VA] Mil Mascaras Grabaxiones Alicia Mexico 7:47pm
Paul Burlison Train Kept A-Rollin' Lonesome Tears In My Eyes Sweetfish Records 7:38pm
The Boardwalkers NPR's International Beach Ball, Vol. 1 [VA] Surfari NPR Records 7:36pm
Long Boards Big Surf Toro El Toro Records Spain 7:34pm
El Ray Holiday On Ice Car Hire From Hell Heptown Records Denmark 7:32pm
The Polecats Not Nervous! Let's Bop NV Records UK 7:30pm
Los Jets Latin Breeze Besame Mucho H.M.R. Records Spain 7:28pm
Lost Acapulco 4 Ven Perrita Opcion Sonica Mexico 7:26pm
Steve Hooker Stagger Lee Is Back Black Train White City NV Records UK 7:22pm
Aqualads Surf! Surf! Surf! Sun Poison Aqualads 7:19pm
Daikaiju [S/T] Son Of Daikaiju Reptile Records 7:17pm
Al Caiola Coctail Capers (Ultra-Lounge, Vol. 8) [VA] Underwater Chase Capitol 7:13pm
Speedball Jr. For The Broad Minded U69 Green Cookie Belgium 7:10pm
The Sidemen Go Too Far! Soho Zentral-Records Germany 7:06pm
The Diamondheads Diamond Head At Dusk [advance promo] Madagascan Intrigue Diamondheads 7:03pm
Happy Times Twangin' Around The World [VA] Rainbow Twangsville Productions Finland 7:00pm
The Tormentos Grab Your Board! U.F.O. Incident Argentina 6:58pm
The Isotopes Choose Your Own Adventure Up And Atom Garage Pop Records 6:53pm
The Bel-Aires Get A Board [VA] Baggies Satan 6:47pm
Merrell Fankhauser Rockin' And Surfin' Surfin' 101 Ocean Records 6:45pm
The Sellcancers Wild Sazanami Beat, Vol. 2 [VA] Harakiri Stomp Sazanami Label Japan 6:43pm
The Mustangs In Amsterdam Track-tor Rarity Records Finland 6:41pm
The Flat Duo Jets Introducing ... Mexicali Baby Norton Records 6:40pm
The Moe Greene Specials Spaguetti & Chili Western [VA] Quintana Sixteen Isotonic Records Belgium 6:37pm
The Revels Intoxica! [VA] Intoxica Downey Records 6:34pm
East Coast Tremors EP Collection 2004-2005 The Triple Lindy Reverb-O-Rama 6:32pm
Twin Tones Nacion Apache Bandidos Grabaxiones Alicia Mexico 6:29pm
Los Twang! Marvels Prueba De Fuego Luna Park Isotonic Records Germany 6:26pm
The Phantom Four Madhur Sitara Mirananda Records Netherlands 6:23pm
Malibu Surf Power Trio Gangsta Billy Malibu Mexico 6:20pm
Hawaii Samurai The Shape Of Surf To Come Dead In The Saddle Productions de L'Impossible France 6:16pm
Dagmar And The Seductones Little Bitta Love Don't Stop TYM Records 6:14pm
The Beat Tornados Mission To Mir Chilifinger Flipside Records Scandinavia 6:11pm
Roy Clark The Lightning Fingers Of ... Dented Fender Razor & Tie 6:08pm
Cherry Overdrive Clear Light! Shake It Up Heptown Records Denmark 6:08pm
Los Twang! Marvels Krautsurf [VA] Carioca NPR Records Germany 6:04pm
The All-Nighters Dance 'til Dawn Escape From The Nut House Acid Moon Records 6:02pm
Lombego Surfers Full Tank Of Tiki Reverend's Ride Flight 13 Records Switzerland 5:59pm
Los Walkysons Hits, All Their Greatest & More Tabernas El Toro Records Spain 5:56pm