Tsunami Soul Playlist
August 17, 2007

(12:00-2:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

The Surfacers [S/T] Snackie Green Cookie Records Argentina 1:57pm
Tiki Gods Pulp Surfin' [VA] Monte Carlo Nights Donna/Del-Fi Records 1:52pm
Lost Acapulco Spaguetti & Chili Western [VA] Calaveras Del Justicio (El Regresso) Isotonic Records Mexico 1:49pm
Terry "Buffalo" Ware Reverb Confidential Groovy Grubworm OkieMotion Records 1:45pm
The Incredible Mr. Smith (Martin Schmidt) Adventures In The Land Of Twang Stevie's Trip To California General Schallplatten Germany 1:43pm
Wayne Hancock That's What Daddy Wants Highway 54 ARK 21 1:39pm
Daikaiju The Phasing Spider Menace The Final Phase Migoto Radiation 1:34pm
Cutback Covered Voyage Around The Moon Cutback 1:31pm
The Brillantinas Spaguetti & Chili Western [VA] Da Cruella Sun Isotonic Records Brazil 1:23pm
The Moe Greene Specials Open Road (Again) [promo] On A Cold Trail Green Cookie Records Belgium 1:18pm
The Sidemen Go Too Far! Night Boat Zentral Records Germany 1:15pm
Mister Neurton ... Loves You 10'll Gretsch You 20 Deep Eddy Records 1:12pm
Los Coronas Caliente Caliente Go Kato Go Tritone Records Spain 1:09pm
Bitch Boys ... In Heat Blejski Venc'k Radio Hit Slovenia 1:07pm
Michael Lindner Cocktail Napkin Whirling Alleyone Music 1:02pm
R.J. and the Phantoms What's The Rumor Bathroom Bop Red Shoot Records Holland/Russia 1:00pm
The Ventures Surfing The Ninth Wave GNP/Crescendo 12:58pm
The Silhouettes Rautalankarenassanssi Lake Bodom - June 5, 1960 Beat & Twang Records Finland 12:55pm
Surfpatrouille Instronaut Inspector M Kamikaze Records Germany 12:49pm
El Ray Highway To Hell From Kazakstan With Love Green Cookie Records Denmark 12:45pm
The Cuban Cowboys Cuban Candles Little Maybe Monster Muy Nice Music 12:40pm
The Bambi Molesters Dumb Loud Hollow Twang De Luxe Landlocked Dancing Bear Croatia 12:37pm
The Beat Tornados Pole Position Reinlender Amigo Norsk Musikk Scandinavia 12:35pm
Susan & the Surftones Wrap-Around Nina's Empty Glass Om Om World 12:30pm
The Jumpin' Wheels Hot Rod Mama Dixie Fried Cab Records Estonia 12:26pm
The Youngers Twangy Guitars, Silky Strings, Vol. 2 [VA] Horse Ride Twangsville Productions Finland 12:24pm
Spring Break Shark Attack! Sharkronomicon Blood Ocean SBSA 12:20pm
The Madeira Ruins Dilmohammed Double Crown Records 12:17pm
Surf Nation Music For Dangerous Activities Lock 'N' Dam #5 T&A Records 12:13pm
The Barnshakers Barnyard Stomp She Done Quit Me On The Hill Records Finland 12:10pm
The Surf A's Instrumentally Ill The King Said Yellow Surf Alot Netherlands 12:08pm
Bufalos D'Agua Farewell To Shore Thousand Miles From Toledo Bufalos D'Agua Brazil 12:05pm
The Coffin Daggers EP Coffin Dagger Urko Records 12:00pm