Tsunami Soul Playlist
September 20, 2007

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

Road Runners Penetration! the Best of the Pyramids Road Runnah Sundazed 7:57pm
The Bahareebas Jellyfishing Dune Walk Kamikaze Records Switzerland 7:53pm
The Sellcancers Exotic Charm Typhoon Sand Beach Sazanami Label Japan 7:50pm
Bitch Boys Ride The First Wave In the Hall of the Mountain King Golly Gee Records Slovenia 7:49pm
The Bananas Summoning Tsunami Memories of Marlon Brando Bananas Slovenia 7:42pm
Davie Allan & The Arrows Devil's Rumble -- Anthology '64-'68 Shape of Things to Come Sundazed 7:40pm
Surfpatrouille Aquarnaut Aquarnaut Kamikaze Records Germany 7:36pm
Mac Curtis Rockabilly Uprising Duck Tail HMG/Hightone Records 7:34pm
Terry "Buffalo" Ware Reverb Confidential Trigger Thumb OkieMotion Records 7:31pm
Los Plantronics Columbian Necktie Hang 'em High Mariachi Productions Norway 7:30pm
Longboard Ranch Rides Again Malibu Midnight Surf City Records 7:25pm
Lost Acapulco 4 MPM (Le Quebradora) Lost Acapulco Mexico 7:23pm
The Surf Coasters Samurai Struck Samurai Struck Five Nine Factory Japan 7:20pm
The Aftons ... Not Least Riding Cossack Twangsville Productions Finland 7:19pm
Slacktone Gnarly Reef [VA] Miserlou Sundazed 7:16pm
The Mercury Four Codename: Aurora Sonic Reducer Mercury Four 7:13pm
Urban Surf Kings Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers Man From Adano USK International Canada 7:12pm
King Drapes King Drapes Stomp B.S.A. Raucous Records Finland 7:10pm
The Deoras Surf Spy Tiki Instro Bullseye Deoras 7:08pm
The Illuminoids Secret Society Of Surf Guitar Funeral For Queen Mary Suppressed Records 7:06pm
El Ray Highway To Hell The Man With The White Tie Green Cookie Records Denmark 7:02pm
The Beat Tornados Scandinavian Interlude Kreml De La Kreml Flipside Records Scandinavia 6:57pm
Steve Hooker Trio Southchurch Shake [alt. w/Jessie Hooker] UK 6:56pm
The O'Haras Devil's Desert Ghosttown Exit Drunkabilly Records Belgium 6:53pm
Impala Kings of the Strip Venus Flytrap Estrus 6:51pm
The Silhouettes Rautalankarenassanssi Finnish Knockturne Beat & Twang Records Finland 6:44pm
The One Night Standards Octane Dragline Drunk Monkey With A Revolver Records 6:43pm
Michael Lindner Cocktail Napkin Little Red Book Alleyone Music 6:40pm
The Aqua Velvets Nomad Nomad Milan Entertainment 6:36pm
Hawaiian Astro Boys [S/T] Technocalypse Hawaiian Astro Boys Belgium 6:33pm
The Langhorns Club Gabardino The Victor Bad Taste Records Sweden 6:28pm
Cutback Covered Apache Cutback 6:25pm
The Cuban Cowboys Cuban Candles Better Off Muy Nice Music 6:20pm
Martin Cilia Revenge Of The Surf Guitar Return of the Surf Guitar Bombora Australia 6:18pm
Aqualads Surf! Surf! Surf! Hangin' 11 Aqualads 6:15pm
Taleshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans Let's Go Eleki Yosakoi Bushi King Records Japan 6:12pm
Cadillac Hitmen Tri-State Killing Spree El Gringo Muerte Broken White Records 6:09pm
Tav Falco's Panther Burns Deep In The Shadows Cuban Rebel Girl Marilyn Records 6:06pm
The Phantom Four Madhur Remo Rifles Mirananda Records Netherlands 6:03pm
The Astroglides Fondling With ... Arab Bush Astroglides Israel 6:01pm