Tsunami Soul Playlist
May 8, 2008

(7:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

Boz & the Bozmen Friday Night Rumble! Vol. 2 [VA] Sabre Tooth Tigre with a Rockabilly Quiff Run Wild Records UK 7:57pm
The Champs Wing Ding! Stampede Ace 7:54pm
Los Venturas Aloha Summer Banshee Bay Surf Wave Records Belgium 7:52pm
The Fabulous Stingrays The Lost Surf Tapes Wait Don't Walk Fabulous Stingrays 7:44pm
Los Jets 50th Anniversary Spaceship Rondez-vous H.M.R. Records Spain 7:42pm
The Mighty Surf Lords ... And the Tide Rushes In The Mighty Bah-Room Mighty Surf Lords 7:38pm
Urban Surf Kings Bang Howdy Partner Stampeedo USK International 7:35pm
Jinx Jones License to Twang License to Twang Red Rouge Records 7:34pm
The Amino Acids Humanity Will Fall Like Pins Tor Johnson's Remains Amino Acids 7:31pm
The Surf Zombies [S/T] Speedo Retro Rocket Records 7:29pm
The Incredible Mr. Smith Six Gun Surf [VA] The Rebel Surf Dude Records Germany 7:23pm
Dunlop Devils Men Go Mad Forbidden Planet Dunlop Devils Belgium 7:19pm
Dagmar and the Seductones Come Back to Me Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet TYM Records 7:17pm
Spy-Fi Black Tie Spy Black Tie Spy Sivle Records 7:15pm
The Tremolo Beer Gut Nous Sommes Nosy Parker Crunchy Frog Denmark 7:12pm
The Orientals Exotic 50s Rythm Ali Baba WDD Records France 7:06pm
The Original Surfaris Bombora Bombora Sundazed 7:02pm
Steve Hooker Stagger Lee Is Back Candyman NV Records UK 6:58pm
Mister Twister Riding the Snowy Wave [VA] Comanche [live] Soyuz Music Russia 6:55pm
Impala El Rancho Reverbo Anna Vienna Icehouse Records 6:51pm
Surferigno [S/T] Requiem Surferigno Canada 6:49pm
The Silhouettes Rautalankarenessanssi Kesaillan Twist Beat & Twang Records Finland 6:45pm
Robert Godon w/Link Wray Fresh Fish Special The Way I Walk Raven 6:42pm
The Metrolites In Spy-Fi Gunfight at the Zombie Mineshaft Go-Go Golem 6:37pm
Kozmic Gorillas Reverb Brazil [VA] Sunbathing Raven Brazil 6:35pm
Surfpatrouille Instronaut Inspector M Kamikaze Records Germany 6:29pm
Meshuga Beach Party Let's Go Schleppin' Mazel Tov Coctail Halakahiki Records 6:26pm
The Rockats Friday Night Rumble! Vol. 3 [VA] Driving Wheel Run Wild Records UK 6:24pm
Los Kahunas El Fantastico Sonido Surf and Hot-Rod de ... Mavericks Oleoductos Discos Argentina 6:21pm
The Surf Lords Shark Attack!! White Wedding Surf Lords Canada 6:19pm
Eddie Angel ... Plays Link Wray The Outlaw Spinout Records 6:14pm
Surfadelica Surfing on the Desertshore Surf Me to the Moons of Saturn Pisces Records Brazil 6:11pm
The Buckshots 3 Jacks High Do the Boogie Heptown Records Sweden 6:08pm
Antena Tres Onda Di Crimine Our Man Flynt Jason R. France 6:05pm
The Treble Spankers Hasheeda Jaa-Rabbi Polydor Netherlands 6:01pm