Tsunami Soul Playlist
July 3, 2008

(12:00-2:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

The Vultures Surfing Mar Gaya Eerie Records 1:58pm
Tele Ranch Prarie Surfin' Bubbah Ghanouj Tele Ranch 1:55pm
Bob Kelly 1954/1959 Rockabilly Git It Libra Records 1:52pm
Surferigno [S/T] Le Party Surerigno Italy 1:49pm
The Surf-Liners Where's the Surf? San Onofre Meltdown A Half-Vast Enterprise 1:46pm
Dom Mariani & the Majestic Kelp Music to Chase Cars By Red Road Speedway Head Records Australia 1:40pm
The Thurston Lava Tube Move Over Rover, Let Clover Take Over Pempslides Cordelia Records UK 1:38pm
Steve Hooker Stagger Lee Is Back (smokin' mix) Rock Music Ltd. UK 1:36pm
The Looney Tunes Beyond the Dune The Young Man and the Sea String Records Germany 1:34pm
Los Twang! Marvels Guitars In Orbit Space Tiki Twist El Toro Records Germany 1:31pm
Roger & the Wraybands [S/T] TR6 Roger & the Wraybands 1:29pm
Stronzo Gelantino & the Boo-Men Terrore dello Spazio [split 7"] Boo-Men Theme Zentral Studios Germany 1:26pm
Gulag Tunes Surf Instro Versions of Russian Traditional Jailhouse Songs Pigeons Flying Over Our Jail Gulag Tunes Russia 1:23pm
The Sellcancers Love Reverb Lab Iwasirlou Sazanami Label Japan 1:20pm
The Aqua Velvets [S/T] Spanish Blue Riptide Records 1:15pm
The Tiki Tones Idol Pleasures Topple the Moai Mai Tai Records 1:12pm
Merrell Fankhauser The Whole Day Ahead of Us We Love Tikis Ocean Records 1:09pm
Los Venturas Surfer's Brew Revenge of the Tikis Chief Jesus Genius Production Belgium 1:07pm
Tiki Tiki Bamboooos [S/T] Shark Next Door Kamikaze Records Germany 1:05pm
Meshugga Beach Party Let's Go Schleppin' Bashana Haba'a Halakahiki Records 12:57pm
El Patapsco Me Dejo The Death and the Compass El Patapsco 12:54pm
Johnny Cash The Sun Years Get Rhythm Rhino 12:52pm
The Madeira Carpe Noctem The Saracen Double Crown Records 12:49pm
The Hellecasters Guitar Hot Shots [VA] Deiter's Lounge Hightone Records 12:48pm
The Tormentos Death Drop! Paul Competicion Scatter Records Argentina 12:47pm
Surfadelica Surfing on the Desertshore Questionable Navigation Pisces Records Brazil 12:41pm
The Alvarados Why Where When Deuling Deuces Halakahiki Records 12:37pm
Bonnie & Buzz Bang It Again! The Breeze and I Double Crown Records 12:33pm
The Breakaways Time Surfin' Ride the Crest Reel McCoy Music 12:31pm
The Sharks Memories Thundernest Feelgood Records Finland 12:26pm
Munetaka Inoue & the Sharp Five The Sidewinder Secret Agent Man King Japan 12:23pm
Wanda Jackson Vintage Collections Riot in Cell Block #9 Capitol 12:20pm
Evan Foster Instrumentals Surfer's Anthem MuSick Recordings 12:17pm
The Recruders Recruder Stew Savior of the Surf Mo3 12:13pm
The El Caminos Beatrama Everybody Up Del-Fi Records Japan 12:09pm
Los Jets 50th Anniversary Zorongo 08 H.M.R. Records Spain 12:06pm
Spy-Fi Black Tie Spy Rumble Sivle Records 12:04pm
Die Kosmonauten Geschichten die das Leben Schreibt Stasi Kosmonauten Germany 12:02pm
The Sidemen Terrore dello Spazio [split 7"] Sidemen Theme Zentral Studios Germany 12:00pm