Tsunami Soul Playlist
January 13, 2009

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

The Barbwires "SeaRider" The Cheater (Wild Records) Sweden 7:57pm
The Surf Coasters "Fly Up!!" Intruder (Victor Entertainment) Japan
The Space Rangers "Ready to Take Off!" Speedway (Kamikaze Records) Germany
Urban Surf Kings "Surf Guitar 101 2005 MP3 Compilation, Vol. 1 [VA]" El Cumbanchero (SG101) Canada
Locolism Locolism [mp3] (Locolism)
Smoking Booldozers "Riding the Snowy Wave [VA]" Paultergeist (Soy Uz Music) Russia
Los Jets "40 N-3 W" Bombora (H.M.R. Records) Spain
Wanda Jackson "Vintage Collections" Let's Have a Party (Capitol)
Los Twang! Marvels "Jungle of Twang" Surf Dilemma (Kamikaze Records) Germany
The Modelos "Saddle Justice" Stand Off (Northern Electric) Canada
Bill Haley "Rock the Joint" Rockin' Chair on the Moon (Roller Coaster Records)
The Tridents "... at The Endless Summer bar~cafe" Lullaby of the Leaves (Tridents)
The Irradiates "First Radiations" The Unknown Rad (Productions Impossible Records) France
Don't Fear the Reverb "Audio Demo" Sharkskin Board (Don't Fear the Reverb)
The Mercury Four "Codename: Aurora" Stratoliner Down (Mercury Four)
Dawghouse "Shrink to Fit, Vol. 1: Bluejean Boppers [VA]" Venus in Blue Jeans (Steve Hooker/Slick 50)
Los Temerarios "19 Exitos Con ..." Miss Sirlou () Mexico
The Neptunes "People of Earth, We are ... Dance of the Moorish Idol (Spinout Records)
Sandblasters "Cactus Stingray" Brutal Surfers (Wildebeest Records)
WaveSauce Mosquito Serenade [mp3] (WaveSauce)
The Breakaways "Time Surfin'" North Shore Rumble (Reel McCoy Music)
The Belmont Playboys "Hot Rod Heart" Hot Rod Heart (Teen Rebel)
Los Kahunas "Otro Reverberante Encuentro Com" Daredevil (No Fun Records) Argentina
The Cocktail Preachers "Cocktail Companions - Unreleased & Rarities" Slingshot to Durango (Cocktail Preachers) 6:33pm
The Toads "Get A Board [VA]" Morpheus (Satan Records)
HJ "[S/T]" Welcome to Earth, Pleun (HJ Tones) Netherlands
The Hexxers "Freaks with the Savage Beat" Straight Home (Golly Gee Records)
The Anacondas "[S/T]" Marabunta (Surf Alot Records) Netherlands
The Slackmates "Hot Car Girls" Devil Girl From Mars (Stella Records)
Jon & the Nightriders "Moving Target" Diamond Head (Gee-Dee Music)
The Bananas "To Surf and Protect" Jamie Blond (Street 13) Slovenia
The Buick 55's "Thrill of the Year" My Baby Wants Me (Buick 55's) Scotland
The Waterdogs "Thermal" Paint It Black (Madcity Records)
Atomic Mosquitos "Meltdown" Banzai Fallout (Nukular Reckerds) 6:01pm