Tsunami Soul Playlist
March 17, 2009

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

The Telstars "Surf Guitars Rumble [VA]" Pow-Wow (Surf) 8:05pm
Blue Moon Boys "Billy, Vol. 1 [VA]" Let Me In (Hepcat Records) 8:03pm
Placa Tumbler "Bikini-Mania [VA]" CO2 (COMA - Corporacion Mascara) Mexico 8:01pm
The Space Cossacks "Interstellar Stomp" The Space Victory Theme (MuSick Recordings) 7:58pm
HJ "8 Instrumentals [promo]" Water Thiefs (H.K.J. ten Dolle) Netherlands 7:53pm
Reverb Galaxy "Angle of Attack" Balkan Stomp (Reverb Galaxy) 7:50pm
The Bobby Smith Band "The Big D.C. Jamboree, Vol. 3 [VA]" Justine (Run Wild Records) 7:48pm
Los Straitjackets "Supersonic Guitars in 3-D" Midnight In Solerno (Yep Roc Records) 7:45pm
Link Wray "Live at the Paradiso" Rumble [live] (Line) 7:41pm
The Nebulas "[S/T]" Retribution (Double Crown Records) 7:34pm
The Sidemen "... Live" Havanna [live] (Zentral-Records) Germany 7:31pm
Nosey Joe & the Pool Kings "Tunes From the Bighouse" Drink (Heptown Records) Denmark 7:28pm
Long Boards "Motorhythm" Going Nowhere (El Toro Records) Spain 7:26pm
The Anacondas "[cd-r demo]" Marabunta (Anacondas) Netherlands 7:24pm
Rocket Motors "Back to the Moon" Mothership Boogie (Rocket Motors) Finland 7:22pm
The Razorblades "Twang Machine" I Got Revolution On My Mind (General Schallplatten) Germany 7:19pm
Dale Hawkins "20 Rockabilly Classics" Susie Q (MCA) 7:16pm
Daikaiju "[S/T]" Sharkakhan (Reptile Records) 7:15pm
Daikaiju "[S/T]" Attack of the Crab Women (Reptile Records) 7:10pm
The Irradiates "First Radiations" Mach One (Productions Impossible Records) France 7:03pm
The Spoilers "Twangin' Around the World [VA]" Europe (Twangsville Productions) Russia 7:00pm
Steve Hooker "Boptown" Rockin' Ace of Spades (On the Hill Records) England 6:58pm
The Isotopes "Real Instrumental Heroes" Cheat Sheet (Hide the Bodies) 6:54pm
The Fireballs "[S/T] / Vaquero" Torquay (Ace) 6:53pm
The Barbwires "SeaRider" You Son of a Beach (Wild Records) Sweden 6:49pm
The Bananas "To Surf and Protect" Non Fiction (Street 13) Slovenia 6:47pm
Hot Rod Lincoln "The Boulevard" Rockabilly Boogie (Dionysus Records) 6:44pm
The Tridents "... at the Endless Summer bar~cafe" Penetration (Tridents) 6:41pm
Atomic Mosquitos "Meltdown" Sabre Dance (Nukular Reckerds) 6:37pm
Herman the German "[S/T]" Hava Nagila (Amigo) 6:32pm
Dr. Frankenstein "The Lost Tapes From Dr. Frankenstein's Lab" On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Low Fly Records) Portugal 6:28pm
J. Tex and the Volunteers "One of These Days" Did You (Heptown Records) Denmark 6:24pm
Bitch Boys "In Heat" Surfin' Tide (Radio Hit) Slovenia 6:22pm
Ben Rogers Instrumental Asylum "Reverb Rehab" Mr. P.C. (Blazz Music) Australia 6:19pm
The Fathoms Fathom This! Fathom This! (MuSick Recordings) 6:16pm
The Pyronauts "Surf and Destroy" Cal-Tiki (Pyronauts) 6:13pm
The Sun Demons "American Rumble, Vol. 1 [VA]" Go Like Sixty (Skizmatic Records) 6:10pm
The Ramblin' Ambassadors "Vista Cruiser Country Squire" Cecilia Ann (Mint Records) Canada 6:07pm
Slacktone "Warning: Reverb Instrumentals" Tidal Wave (Go Boy Records) 6:04pm