Tsunami Soul Playlist
April 21, 2009

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

Telekrimen "Ressurecion de los Sangre-Zombis del Mas Alla" La Mosca (Grabaxiones Alicia) Mexico 7:59pm
The X-ChromaTones Blue's Theme/The Wedge [mp3] (X-ChromaTones) 7:57pm
Merrell Fankhauser and Friends "Live on Maui and California" Movin' Man (Om Om Music) 7:50pm
Bitch Boys "Ride the First Wave" Shockwave (Golly Gee Records) Slovenia 7:48pm
The Stingers "Twangin' Around the World, Vol. 3 [VA]" Lozenge (Twangsville Productions) Finland 7:47pm
Happy Times "Twang-O-Matic" Hypnosonic (Twangsville Productions) Finland 7:39pm
Killer Filler "Filler Up!" Kiddie Pool (NDM Ltd.) 7:37pm
The Buick 55's "Thrill of the Year" Buick 55 (Buick 55's) Scotland 7:34pm
The Hellbenders "Today We Kill ... Tomorrow We Die" Winchester Justice (Double Crown Records) 7:32pm
The Sidemen "... Live" Trans-Siberia [live] (Zentral-Records) Germany 7:30pm
Twin Tones "Capello De Mariachi" Mexico 1970 (T-Vox Records) Mexico 7:28pm
Bufalos D'Agua "Pacific Hell" King's Beach (Bufalos D'Agua) Brazil 7:25pm
Buddy Holly "The Buddy Holly Collection" Everyday (MCA) 7:23pm
Los Cavernarios "Spaguetti & Chili Western [VA]" La Roca (Mix) (Isotonic Records) Mexico 7:20pm
Dave Myers & the Surftones "Hangin' Twenty" Road to Rincon (Del-Fi Records) 7:17pm
Urban Surf Kings "Ski School [7" EP]" Moguls (Reverb Ranch) Canada 7:13pm
The Sharks "Rautalankaa" Maan Kurvesse (Feelgood Records) Finland 7:11pm
Nosey Joe & the Pool Kings "Tunes From the Bighouse" Jitterbug Rag (Heptown Records) Denmark 7:08pm
The Halibuts "Live! at Toes" Moment of Truth [live] (Flatfish Records) 7:06pm
Surf Coasters "Brookdale Lodge 4/16/04" Crash [live] (Rev. Willis) Japan 7:04pm
Reverb Galaxy "Angle of Attack" Revvin' the Woody (Reverb Galaxy) 6:56pm
The Tumbleweeds "Dead Man's Hand" Holy Smoke (El Toro Records) Sweden 6:53pm
Steve Hooker "Sugar Devil" Stagger Lee is Back (Witchcraft International) England 6:51pm
The Razorblades "Twang Machine" (Gimme) One Hour of Your Life (General Schallplatten) Germany 6:48pm
The Eliminators "Unleashed" Bone Cruncher (Tri-Surf Records) 6:44pm
The Mustangs "The "Lost" Album: Found and Revisited" Twit (Rarity Records) Finland 6:39pm
Krontjong Devils "Continental Magazine #10 [VA]" Butterfingers (Continental Magazine) Netherlands 6:37pm
High Noon "Live in Texas and Japan" Ratlesnake Man [live] (Watermelon Records) 6:34pm
Death Valley "Que Pasta!" For a Few Dollars More (Lingiuni Records) 6:32pm
Bonney & Buzz "Rock-Ola" The Sunburst Kid (Double Crown Records) 6:30pm
Long Boards "Motorhythm" Lullaby of the Leaves (El Toro Records) Spain 6:27pm
Atomic Mosquitos "Meltdown" It's the Mountain Dew Talking (Nukular Reckerds) 6:25pm
The Rarest "Bikini Beat [VA]" Love Me (Bon Vivant) Spain 6:23pm
Rocket Motors "Back to the Moon" Giant Leap '69 (Rocket Motors) Finland 6:20pm
Davie Allan and the Arrows "Wild Angels and Other Themes" Shapes of Things to Come (Curb Records) 6:19pm
The Bambi Molestors "Sonic Bullets" Last Ride (Dancing Bear) Croatia 6:12pm
The Ramblin' Ambassadors "Vista Cruiser Country Squire" Kamikaze (Mint Records) Canada 6:10pm
Hot Rod Lincoln "The Boulevard" Hot Rod Lincoln (Dionysus Records) 6:06pm
The Space Agency "Kaleidoscopic Sounds" Diamond Head (Tremolo Records) England 6:04pm
Los Straitjackets "The Velvet Touch of ..." Rockula (Yep Roc Records) 6:01pm