Tsunami Soul Playlist
May 19, 2009

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

Southern Culture on the Skids "Ditch Diggin'" Too Much Pork for Just One Fork (Safe House) 8:03pm
Slacktone "Rough Surf, Rought Mix, Live in Berlin" Coffin Closer [live] (Deep Eddy) 7:58pm
Vibrasonic "Instrumental Vibrations" Aquabeat (Tremolo Records) England 7:54pm
Los Coronas "Spaguetti & Chili Western [VA]" Hacha de Guerra (Isotonic Records) Spain 7:51pm
The Vibrants "The Exotic Sounds of ..." Quite a Fireball (El Toro Records) 7:50pm
Barbwires "SeaRider" Cheater (Wild Records) Sweden 7:49pm
Kev Black & the Muffdivers "Comin' To Getcha" The West Gone Wild! (Salisbury Records) Netherlands 7:44pm
The Surf Coasters "Misirlou: 10th Anniversary Best" Wave Weapon (Victor Entertainment) Japan 7:42pm
Gary Small & the Coyote Bros. "I Don't Play by the Rules" I Don't Play by the Rules Medicine Tail Music) 7:34pm
Rocket Motors "Back to the Moon" Big Rip (Rocket Motors) Finland 7:31pm
The Ramblin' Ambassadors "Vista Cruiser Country Squire" Rat Creek (Mint Records) Canada 7:28pm
The Urban Surf Kings "Get Instro-Mental!" Seven Faces of Dr. Surf (Cinnamon Toast Records) Canada 7:25pm
Planet Seven "The Tomorrow That Never Was" Heart Full of Soul (Default) 7:22pm
The Strangers "Rare West Coast Surf Instrumentals [VA]" Caterpillar Crawl (Ace) 7:20pm
Gas Money "Friday Nite Rumble! Vol. 8 [VA]" Juvenile Delinquent (Run Wild Records) 7:17pm
Long Boards "Motorhythm" Le Mans (El Toro Records) Spain 7:16pm
The Nocturnes "Back to the Beach" Third Star From the Left (Surf Duck Records) 7:13pm
The Cocktail Preachers "Open Bar Confessional" Margarita Meltdown (Wildebeest) 7:11pm
Teisco Del Rey "The Many Moods Of ..." Pier Pressure (Upstart) 7:08pm
Satan's Pilgrims "Soul Pilgrim" Small Craft Advisory (Estrus) 7:06pm
Jack Scott "The Way I Walk" The Way I Walk (Roller Coaster Records) 7:03pm
Twin Tones "Capello di Mariachi" Ulimo Tren a El Paso (T-Vox Records) Mexico 7:01pm
Atomic Mosquitos "Meltdown" Mosquito Fight Song (Nukular Reckerds) 6:58pm
The Hondels "The Best of Richie Podolor (a.k.a. Richie Allen) [VA]" Black Boots and Bikes (Wowzio) 6:54pm
The Phantom Surfers "The Great Surf Crash of '97" Rootin' Around for Ramona (Lookout) 6:52pm
The Mustangs "The "Lost" Album: Found And Revisited" 13th Ride (Rarity Records) Finland 6:48pm
Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks "Cinemascope-A-Dope" Surf as Houdini (Silence) Sweden 6:47pm
Southern Culture on the Skids "Ditch Diggin'" My House Has Wheels (Safe House) 6:44pm
Southern Culture on the Skids "Ditch Diggin'" Rumors of Surf (Safe House" 6:42pm
Los Straitjackets "Sing Along With ..." Treat Her Right (Cavalcade Records) w/Mark Lindsay 6:40pm
Los Straitjackets "Viva!" Outta Geat (Upstart) 6:37pm
The Crimson Ghosts "Some Kinda Hits" Ghouls Night Out (Necro-Tone Records) 6:36pm
The Crimson Ghosts "Some Kinda Hits" Hollywood Babylon (Necro-Tone Records) 6:33pm
The Tridents "... at the Endless Sumer bar~cafe" Diamondhead (Tridents) 6:29pm
Surf Me Up, Scotty "Surf Now, Apocalyps Later" The Victor (SMUS) Germany 6:25pm
Deke Dickerson "Number One Hit Record" I Gotta Date to Cut a Cake (HMG/Hightone Records) 6:23pm
The Diamondheads "[S/T]" Taco Wagon (Diamondheads) 6:22pm
The 'Verb "Reverberated ... for your Pleasure" El Capitan ('Verb) 6:21pm
Slacktone "Warning - Reverb Instrumentals" Skateboard Commando (GoBoy Records) 6:16pm
Webb Wilder "More Like Me" Too Cool for Love (Blind Pig Records) 6:10pm
The Irradiates "First Radiations" Crash (Productions Impossible) France 6:08pm
Happy Times "Twang-O-Matic" Jack Carter's Theme (Twangsville Productions) Finland 6:04pm
Tremolo Beer Gut "Nous Sommes" Delirium Tremolo (Crunchy Frog) Denmark 6:00pm