Tsunami Soul Playlist
July 7, 2009

(12:00-2:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

Bitch Boys "In Heat" Paint It Black (Radio Hit) Slovenia 2:04pm
Los Coronas "Caliente Caliente" Secret Agent Man (Tritone) Spain 2:01pm
The Fathoms "Fathom This!" Fathom This! (MuSick) 1:58pm
Crazy Joe and his Mad River Outlaws "King of Nerd-A-Billy" Flight of the Beverly Bumblebillies (Atom) 1:55pm
Eddia & the Showman "Squad Car" Squad Car (AVI) 1:52pm
The Strangers "Rare West Coast Surf Instrumentals [VA]" Caterpillar Crawl (Ace) 1:49pm
The Cadillac Hitmen "Hour of the Gun [VA]" Tri-State Killing Spree (One Million Dollar) 1:41pm
The Orgophonics "Krautsurf [VA]" Sunset Rider (NPR) Germany 1:39pm
Ivan "MCA Rockabillies, Vol. 1" Real Wild Child (Big Tone) 1:36pm
Daikaiju "Heavy Surf [VA]" The Phasing Spider Menace (Reptile) 1:33pm
Duane Eddy "Twang Thang- Anthology" Peter Gunn (Rhino) 1:30pm
The Huntington Cads "Go Exotic" Sirrocco (Mai Tai) 1:28pm
Jon & the Nightriders "Charge of the Nightriders" Geronimo (Enigma) 1:25pm
Elvis Presley "Sunrise" Mystery Train (RCA) 1:22pm
Star and Key of the Indian Ocean "Rock N' Roll Fiasco" 36 District (Green Cookie) France 1:20pm
The Treble Spankers "Hasheeda" A Man Called Curse (Polydor) Netherlands 1:16pm
Surfpatrouille "Instromania" Aquarnaut (Kamikaze) Germany 1:12pm
The Torquays "Somewhere in California" Rescue at Mavericks (Tork-A-Disk) 1:09pm
Warren Smith "Rockabilly Legend" Uranium Rock (Charly) 1:08pm
Surf Coasters "Misirlou - 10th Anniversary Best" Black Sand Beach (Victor Entertainment) Japan 1:05pm
Phantom Frank "Phantom Frank" Dead Man Surfin' (MuSick) Netherlands 1:02pm
Pollo del Mar "Year of the Rooster" The Bells of St. Kahuna [live] (Pollo del Mar) 12:56pm
Longhorn Devils "Spitfire Bar-Bee" Monkey Ride (Wildebeest) Netherlands 12:53pm
The Bobby Fuller Four "Live at PJ's Plus" I Fought the Law [live] (Ace) 12:50pm
Dr. Frankenstein "The Lost Tapes from Dr. Frankenstein's Lab" On Her Majesty's Secret Service (LowFly) Portugal 12:47pm
The Fathoms Fathom This! Fathom This! (MuSick) 12:45pm
The Reluctant Aquanauts "... Can't Swim" Jubal Jubal (Reluctant Aquanauts) 12:43pm
The Ghastly Ones "Target- Draculon" Grave Dig her (Ghastly Ones) 12:41pm
Red West & Hot Rhythm "Rock It!" Try Me (Red West Productions) Sweden 12:37pm
Slacktone "Rough Surf, Rough Mix, Live in Berlin" Surf Party (live) (Deep Eddy) 12:36pm
Tabarnacos Surfers "1-2-3 ... Go!" Lame de Fond (Pat) Canada 12:32pm
Happy Times "Twang-O-Matic" Our Man in Cuba (Twangsville Productions) Finland 12:26pm
The Beat Tornados "Scandinavian Interlude" Kreml de la Kreml (Flipside) Scandinavia 12:24pm
Webb Wilder "More Like Me" Still Waters Run Deep (Blind Pig) 12:21pm
The Astronauts "Surfin' With / Competition Coup" Movin' (Bear Family) 12:19pm
Atomic Mosquitos "Meltdown" Sabre Dance (Nukular Reckerds) 12:15pm
The Bambi Molesters "Dumb Loud Hollow Twang (Deluxe)" Cecilia Ann (Dancing Bear) Croatia 12:13pm
Satan's Pilgrims "Psychsploitation" Tomorrow Night's Mourning (SP REcords) 12:11pm
Muskrats "Walldorf Rock 'N' Roll Weekender 2009 [VA]" Rock Around the Cosmos (Part) UK 12:10pm
The Nematoads "Spy Car Mechanic" Rex Dart- Eskimo Spy (Nematoads) 12:07pm
The Swiv-O-Matics "Charm City Surfer" Charm City Surfer (Bad Go Getter) 12:02pm