Tsunami Soul Playlist
April 6, 2010

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:58 pm 'Morpheus' The Nebulas "[S/T]" (Double Crown/Tivertone)
07:55 pm 'Little Red Book' Michael Lindner "Cocktail Napkin" (Alleyone)
07:53 pm 'The Hearse' Al Casey "Surfin' Hootenanny" (Sundazed)
07:51 pm 'Deadly Weapons' Tijuana Bibles "Fists of Fury" (Tijuana Bibles) [Mexico]
07:48 pm 'If I Were a Rich Man' Meshugga Beach Party "Let's Go Shleppin'" (Halakahiki)
07:42 pm 'Surf Softly and Carry a Big Board' The Astronauts "Rarities" (Bear Family)
07:41 pm 'Swingin' Creeper (Night Stick)' The Looney Tunes "Modern Sounds of ..." (Gee-Dee) [Germany]
07:37 pm 'True Delta (Whipper Mix)' Steve Hooker "Before the Rooster Crows" (HKM Records) [England]
07:34 pm 'Apache' The Falcons "An Evening in Nivram [VA]" (MuSick) (Canada)
07:32 pm 'Eli' The Astroglides "Penetrate With ..." (Fast Music) [Israel]
07:28 pm 'Unnatural Selection' The Isotopes "Real Instrumental Heroes" (Hide the Bodies)
07:26 pm 'Flight of the Beverly Bumblebillies' Crazy Joe and his Mad River Outlaws "The King of Nerd-A-Billy" (Atom)
07:23 pm 'Zorongo [live]' Los Jets "The Final Concert- Live at El Palacio de Congresos of Madrid 31-10-2009" (H.M.R.) [Spain]
07:21 pm 'Cowboy X' Urban Surf Kings "Bang Howdy Partner" (USK International) [Canada]
07:17 pm 'Surfboard Rock' Merrell Fankhauser "Rockin' and Surfin', Vol. 3" (Ocean)
07:13 pm 'Flying Saucers Rock 'N' Roll' Sleepy La Beef "A Rockin' Decade" (Charly)
07:10 pm 'Dark Man' The Pistoleros "The Arrival of ..." (Rarity) [Norway]
07:07 pm 'Opening the Watergate' The Infrareds "Recorded on Microfilm" (Infrareds)
07:04 pm 'Tube Rush' The Concaves "Warning: A Heavy Surf Advisory" (Concaves)
07:01 pm 'The Apes of Wrath' The Space Cossacks "Tsar Wars" (MuSick)
07:00 pm 'Pile Driver' Los Straitjackets "Encyclopedia of Sound, Vol. 1" (LoveCat)
06:57 pm 'Savage Iceland' Burt Rocket "Savage Iceland" (Double Crown) [Iceland]
06:53 pm 'Turn It Up' Sweet Emma and the Mood Swingers "Turn It Up!" (Heptown) [Sweden]
06:50 pm 'The Eliminator' Dick Dale "Spatial Disorientation" (Dick Dale)
06:47 pm 'Don't Drink the Water' The Lava Rats "Don't Drink the Water" (Lava Rats)
06:42 pm 'Rocket Sled to Oahu' Los Meltones "Ride the Last Wave [VA]" (MP3 Compilation)
06:39 pm 'Jack's Good" The Quiets "La Strada" (Warner Music) [Finland]
06:37 pm 'Pancho Villa' Link Wray ""They're Outa Here," says Archie" (Rollercoaster)
06:35 pm 'Spagato' Stronzo Gelantino and the Boo-Men "Part I" (Zentral) [Germany]
06:33 pm 'Misiri Loves Company' The Five "For Five Nights Only" (The Five) [Australia]
06:30 pm 'Benghazi Rumble' Los Fantasticos "Into the Infinity Tunnel" (Hang9) [UK]
06:27 pm 'Last Train' The Surf Coasters "Surfdelic" (Surfside Village) [Japan]
06:24 pm 'Rumble in Paris' Betty and the Bops "[S/T]" (Skydog) [France]
06:23 pm 'Zicatela' Danny Amis con Lost Acapulco "Daddy-O Grande en Mexico" (Mostrissimo) [Mexico]
06:20 pm 'AC Cobra (Surf Party)' Aqua Vista "The Gentleman Racer" (Dngermans Hideout) [England]
06:17 pm 'Burt's Tiki Tear Drop' The Surf Lords "Shark Attack!" (Surf Lords)
06:13 pm 'Night at the Octodrag' Thee Jaguar Sharks "[S/T]" (Wahalla Music)
06:11 pm 'Rockabilly Renegade' The Lennerockers "Wild! Wild! Wild!" (Lennerecords) [Germany]
06:09 pm 'Coffin Closer [live]' Slacktone "Celebration of Life [VA]" (Go Boy)
06:06 pm 'Absinth' The Anacondas "[S/T]" (Sonic Rondevouz) [Netherlands]