Tsunami Soul Playlist
April 13, 2010

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

08:02 pm 'Revenge Of The Surf Guitar' Martin Cilia "Return of the Surf Guitar" (Bombora) [Australia]
07:58 pm 'Phantom Guitar' Simon Jones "Instrumentals, Vol. 1" (Tremolo) [England]
07:56 pm 'Tim From Waverly' El Patapsco "Deuce and a Half" (El Patapsco)
07:54 pm 'Yozura No Hoshi (live)' The Ventures "Surfing" (GNP Crescendo)
07:52 pm 'High Tide (Tranquilizer)' The Lively Ones "Big Surf, Vol. 2 [VA]" (Del-Fi)
07:50 pm 'Thunder Over Rincon [live]' Jon & the Nightriders "Raw & Alive '98" (Gee-Dee Music)
07:45 pm 'Fistful of Reverb' The TarantinosNYC "Super Sounds of the Cinema" (A Band Together)
07:42 pm 'Tahiti '96' Brazil 2001 "Salt Water Damaged" (Brazil 2001)
07:39 pm 'Rockinitis' Ronnie Dawson "Rockinitis" (Crystal Clear Sound)
07:36 pm 'Something Weird' Surf Zombies "Something Weird" (Surf Zombies)
07:34 pm 'Blowout' Los Straitjackets "The Further Adventures of ..." (Yep Roc)
07:31 pm 'Plasma Forces' Espectroplasma "[S/T]" (Alicia) [Mexico]
07:28 pm 'Geisterstadt' Die Kosmonauten "Geschichten Die Das Leben Schreibt" (Kosmonauten) [Germany]
07:26 pm 'Juke Joint's Jumpin'' The Frantic Flattops "Hi-Fi Honey (Revisited)" (Get Hip)
07:23 pm 'Teke, Teke, Teke' Frankie & the Poolboys "[S/T]" (Double Crown)
07:21 pm 'Unknown' Krontjong Devils "Surfin' Sounds of the ..." (Rarity) [Netherlands]
07:15 pm 'Agent from Planet Spy' Burt Rocket "Savage Iceland" (Double Crown) [Iceland]
07:13 pm 'Race With the Devil' Matchbox "Riders in the Sky" (Bellaphon) [England]
07:10 pm 'Joaquin Murrieta (El Bandolero)' Twin Tones "Nacion Apache" (Grabaxiones Alicia) [Mexico]
07:06 pm 'The Good Old Days' Merrell Fankhauser "Rockin' and Surfin', Vol. 3" (Ocean)
07:03 pm 'Glide [live]' Slacktone "Celebration of Life [VA]" (Go Boy)
06:57 pm 'Pipeline/Endless Sleep [live]' The Blue Hawaiians "Live at the Lava Lounge 4/16/95" (Pascal)
06:55 pm 'Ooby Dooby' Roy Orbison "The Sun Years" (Rhino)
06:54 pm 'Honolulu Vice' Los Straitjackets "Encyclopedia of Sound, Vol. 2" (LoveCat)
06:51 pm 'Non Fiction' The Bananas "Summoning Tsunami" (Ikebana) [Slovenia]
06:48 pm 'Intruder' The Surf Coasters "Waitin' 4 The Surf" (Victor Entertainment) [Japan]
06:42 pm 'Punjabi' Phantom Frank "Ride the Last Wave [VA]" (MP3 Compilation) [Netherlands]
06:40 pm 'Morpheous' The Toads "Get A Board [VA]" (Satan)
06:38 pm 'B.S.A.' King Drapes "King Drape Stomp" (Raucous) [Finland]
06:36 pm 'Circus Monkey' El Ray "Highwave To Hell" (Green Cookie) [Denmark]
06:33 pm 'Apache [live]' Los Jets "The Final Concert- Live at El Palacio de Congresos of Madrid 31-10-2009" (H.M.R.) [Spain]
06:30 pm 'White Wedding' The Surf Lords "Shark Attack!" (Surf Lords)
06:28 pm 'Caravan' Al Casey "Surfin' Hootenanny" (Sundazed)
06:26 pm 'I Changed My Mind Jack' Marti Brom "Goofin' Records 20th Anniversary Party [VA]" (Goofin' Records)
06:23 pm 'Boo-Men Theme' Stronzo Gelantino and the Boo-Men "Part I" (Zentral) [Germany]
06:21 pm 'Salsa Safari' Bongo King "Operation Latin Surf" (Deep Eddy)
06:16 pm 'Deadman's Curve' Thee Jaguar Sharks "[S/T]" (Wahalla Music)
06:13 pm 'Sign at the End of the World' Steve Hooker "Before the Rooster Crows" (HKM Records) [England]
06:10 pm 'Land, Damnit Land!' The Bustin' Burritos "A Space For Christer Fuglesang" (Tandemhorror Productions) [Sweden]
06:07 pm 'Our Favorite Martian' The Five "For Five Nights Only" (The Five) [Australia]
06:04 pm 'Daikaiju Die' Daikaiju "[S/T]" (Reptile)