Tsunami Soul Playlist
April 27, 2010

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:56 pm 'Pugsakuk' The Human Tornados "[S/T]" (Klang)
07:53 pm 'Road Agent' Jon and the Nightriders "Stampede!" (Crossfire)
07:51 pm 'Shake Some Evil' Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet "Savvy Show Stoppers" (Cargo) [Canada]
07:48 pm 'Yismichu Hashamayim' Meshugga Beach Party "Let's Go Schleppin'" (Halakahiki)
07:44 pm 'Warp' Surfpatrouille "Premium Edition" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
07:41 pm 'Frettin' Fingers' Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant "Frettin' Fingers: The Lightning Guitar of Jimmy Bryant" (Bear Family)
07:39 pm 'Pipeline' Flash Cadillac and the Continental Kids "[S/T]" (Flash Cadillac)
07:36 pm 'Fugindo Desesperadamente do Helicopitero Malvado' Capitao Parafina e Os Haoles -n/s- (MP3 download) [Brazil]
07:33 pm 'Even the Zombies Cry' Ray Daytona and Googoobombos "Fasten Seat Belt" (Ammonia) [Italy]
07:31 pm 'Surfin' Ghoul' Surf Zombies "Something Weird" (Surf Zombies)
07:28 pm 'Ultrawave' The Treble Spankers "Smira" (Polydor) [Netherlands]
07:25 pm 'My Name Is Nobody' Dragstrip 77 "Sin City Hotrods" (Dionysus)
07:22 pm 'Andalucia [live]' Los Jets "The Final Concert- Live at El Palacio de Congresos of Madrid 31-10-2009" (H.M.R.) [Spain]
07:20 pm 'The Big Gundown' The Hellbenders "B Movie Brain [VA]" (Neurotic Bop)
07:14 pm 'Vibrato in the Grotto' Ben Vaughn "The Many Moods of ..." (Fever/Restless)
07:11 pm 'Downtown' Steve Hooker "Before the Rooster Crows" (HKM Records) [England]
07:08 pm 'A $1000 Ride, Pt. 2' The Moe Greene Specials "[S/T]" (Green Cookie) [Greece]
07:05 pm 'Sombrero Soldier' The Bustin' Burritos "For Your Russian/Mexican Mental Pictures" (Tandemhorror) [Sweden]
07:03 pm 'Misirlou (live at KFJC)' The Apemen "Seven Inches of Love" (Double Crown) [Germany]
07:00 pm 'Horror Peak' Burt Rocket "Savage Island" (Double Crown) [Iceland]
07:00 pm 'Road Agent' Jon and the Nightriders "Stampede!" (Crossfire)
07:00 pm 'Pugsakuk' The Human Tornados "[S/T]" (Klang)
06:57 pm 'Addagio [live]' The Invaders "Live After All These Years" (Rarity) [Sweden]
06:53 pm 'Lo Terrible Maldicion de Tutankomon' The Deadrocks "One Million Dollar Surf Band" (Dead Rocks) [Brazil]
06:51 pm 'Heart Full of Soul' Planet Seven "The Tomorrow That Never Was" (Default)
06:48 pm 'Hammerhead' The Diamondheads "Surf Guitar Instrumentals" (Single Coil)
06:45 pm 'Ultra Q's Theme' The Deoras "Surf Spy Tiki Instro" (Deoras)
06:44 pm 'Five Jeans Jackets (are Ready to Go)' The Lennerockers "Wild! Wild! WIld!" (PhonoNet) [Germany]
06:41 pm 'Tower 9 (longboard version)' The Malibooz "Malibooz Rule!" (Pier Group)
06:37 pm 'Depth Charge' GT Stringer "Up Periscope" (Tremolo) [Australia]
06:32 pm 'High Head' SPF-4 "Surf-n-Turf" (Dino)
06:27 pm 'Gelee Royale' Stronzo Gelantino and the Boo-Men "Part I" (Zentral) [Germany]
06:25 pm 'Ooby Doobie' Roy Orbison "The Sun Years" (Rhino)
06:22 pm 'Boogie Board' Surfonics "[S/T]" (Trout)
06:20 pm 'Colossal' The Supersonicos "Hola Estatica" (Koala/Ultrapop) [Uruguay]
06:17 pm 'Retribution' The Nebulas "[S/T]" (Double Crown)
06:15 pm 'Pie-Go-Mania!' Sir Bald Diddley "Pie-Go-Mania!" (Alopiecia) [UK]
06:13 pm 'Creepy Part 1' Los Straitjackets "Encyclopedia of Sound, Vol. 1" (LoveCat)
06:10 pm 'Rock 'n' Roll Ruby' Sleepy LaBeef "A Rockin' Decade" (Charly)
06:08 pm 'Pumpin' Surfing Stance' Frankie & the Poolboys "[S/T]" (Double Crown)
06:06 pm '5000 Light Years from Digit Zero' Chewbaccas "5000 Light Years from Digit Zero" (Chewbaccas) [Spain]