Tsunami Soul Playlist
June 15, 2010

(12:00-2:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

02:05 pm 'Plasma Forces' Espectroplasma "[S/T]" (Espectroplasma) [Mexico]
02:02 pm 'Let's Go' The Paladins "[S/T]" (Wrestler)
02:00 pm 'Tales of a Raggy Tramline' Davie Allan & the Arrows "An Evening in Nivram [VA]" (MuSick)
01:58 pm 'Tennessee Cannonball' Los Straitjackets "Encyclopedia of Sound, Vol. 2" (LoveCat)
01:55 pm 'I Surf in Black' The Human Tornados "[S/T]" (Klang)
01:53 pm 'Road Runnah' Wild Sammy & the Royaltones "Speed Crazy" (One Million Dollar) [Japan]
01:49 pm 'Surf Dilemna' Los Twang! Marvels "Jungle of Twang" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
01:47 pm 'Mr. X' The Wet Tones "Mucho Reverbo" (Ammonia) [Italy]
01:44 pm 'Matchbox' Sleepy LaBeef "A Rockin' Decade" (Charly)
01:41 pm 'Haji' Dick Dale "Spatial Disorientation" (Dick Dale)
01:38 pm 'The Untouchables' Dr. Frankenstein "The Lost Tapes from Dr. Frankenstein's Lab" (LowFly) [Portugal]
01:35 pm 'Danger: Diabolic' Mister Neutron "Mister Neutron Loves You" (Deep Eddy)
01:32 pm 'Logan's Run' The Nebulas "[S/T]" (Double Crown)
01:30 pm 'Don't Make Me Blue' Spo-Dee-O-Dee "Gotta Have It" (On the Hill) [Germany]
01:28 pm 'Der Olprinz' The Looney Tunes "The Modern Sounds of ..." (Gee Dee) [Germany]
01:22 pm 'Borscht Belt Beet' Meshugga Beach Party "Let's Go Schleppin'" (Halakahiki)
01:20 pm 'Long Blond Hair' Johnny Powers "Long Blond Hair" (Norton)
01:17 pm 'Da Cruella Sun' The Brillantinas "Spaguetti & Chili Western [VA]" (Isotonic) [Brazil]
01:15 pm 'Echo Express' Bounty Hunters "Strummin' Mental Part One [VA]" (Crypt)
01:12 pm 'In Motion' The Charades "In Motion" (Echo) [Finland]
01:09 pm 'Protein Spill' The Isotopes "Real Instrumental Heroes" (Hide the Bodies)
01:06 pm 'Dragstrip Night' The Tormentos "Go! The Phantom Surfers Race Against The Tormentos [VA]" (Scatter/Lost Tike) [Argentina]
01:02 pm 'Honey Don't' Billy & the Bullets "[S/T]" (Billy & the Bullets)
12:59 pm 'Cosma Ray' The Kilaueas "Continental Magazine #17 [VA]" (Continental Magazine) [Germany]
12:56 pm 'Bronceadores Y Vinilos' Acapulco Riders Band "Surf Fronterizo" (Pantano) [Spain]
12:50 pm 'Glide' Slacktone "Into the Blue Sparkle" (GoBoy)
12:47 pm 'Reid's Situation' Spy-Fi "Better Than the Average Weekend [VA]" (Deep Eddy)
12:45 pm 'Summertime Blues' Eddie Cochran "Loud Fast & Out of Control [VA]" (Rhino)
12:43 pm 'The Wild Mouse' Los Straitjackets "The Further Adventures of ..." (Yep Roc)
12:40 pm 'Do the Demare' Stronzo Gelantino and the Boo-Men "Part I" (Zentral) [Germany]
12:34 pm 'Egypt Texas' Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet "Savvy Show Stoppers" (Cargo) [Canada]
12:31 pm 'Seafoam Green' SPF 4 "Surf-n-Turf" (Dino)
12:27 pm 'Candyman' Steve Hooker "Before the Rooster Crows" (HKM Records) [England]
12:22 pm 'As the Dark Wave Swells' The Bambi Molesters "As the Dark Wave Swells" (Dancing Bear) [Croatia]
12:20 pm 'Headin' Out' The Vara-Tones "Headin' Out" (Vee Tone)
12:17 pm 'Finito Bandito' Frankie and the Poolboys "[S/T]" (Double Crown)
12:15 pm 'Surf Party' The Astronauts "Surfin' With/Competition Coup" (Bear Family)
12:12 pm 'Baby Let's Play House' Matchbox "Riders in the Sky" (Bellaphon) [England]
12:10 pm 'Kiirimina (Oi Dai)' Laika & the Cosmonauts "Instruments of Terror" (Upstart) [Finland]
12:07 pm 'Enter the Green Room' Dr. Surf "Who is Dr. Surf?" (Dr. Surf)