Tsunami Soul Playlist
October 5, 2010

(12:00-2:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

08:03 pm 'Shark Next Door' TikiTiki Bamboooos "[S/T]" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
07:59 pm 'Surfeando de Noche' Los Santisimos Snorkels "Mascara vs Snorkel" (Reverb Producciones) [Mexico]
07:57 pm 'Madagascan Intrigue [live]' Diamond Heads "NESMAlive [VA]" (Beach House)
07:55 pm 'Whispering Wires' The Outsiders "On the Run" (Outsiders) [Sweden]
07:53 pm 'Shark Bait [live]' The AmpFibians "It's Alive!!!" (AmpFibians)
07:48 pm 'Black Boots & Bikes' Satan's Pilgrims "Plymouth Rock" (MuSick)
07:46 pm 'Wallride' The Long Boards "Big Surf" (El Toro) [Spain]
07:43 pm 'O Espetacu lo Continua No Circo Espacial de Moscou' Retrofoguetes "Ativar Retrofoguetes" (Monstro) [Brazil]
07:41 pm 'Pintor' The Pharos "Cowabunga [VA]" (Rhino)
07:38 pm 'The Sunburst Kid' Bonney & Buzz "Rock-Ola" (Double Crown)
07:36 pm 'I'm Branded' Urban Surf Kings "Monday Night Surf Club" (USK) [Canada]
07:34 pm 'So Long Baby Good Bye' The Blasters "The Blasters Collection" (Slash/Warner Bros.)
07:31 pm 'The Picador' The Excelsiors (AKA The Surfites) "The Surfites & Co." (Double Crown) [Sweden]
07:29 pm 'The Watergate' The Surfin' Gorillas "The New Adventures of ..." (Part) [Sweden]
07:26 pm 'Beerocracy' The Insanitizers "Whimsical Surf" (Insanitizers)
07:21 pm 'The Subject is S' The Arrows "Volume 2 - Step Out" (Rarity) [Netherlands]
07:18 pm 'Nocturnal Transmission' The Isotopes "Real Instrumental Heroes" (Hide the Bodies)
07:16 pm 'Crazy Arms [live]' The Lennerockers "Live on Stage" (Lennerockers) [Germany]
07:13 pm 'Quiet Surf' The Blue Hawaiians "Sway" (Pascal)
07:11 pm 'Volcanic Action [live]' The Belairs "The Origins of Surf Music 1960-1963" (Iloki)
07:01 pm 'Twitchin'' The Torquays "Return Engagement" (Golly Gee)
06:58 pm 'Lost Train [live]' Shig & Buzz "Live Adventures of ..." (Shig-a-Sonic/Addison Avenue)
06:56 pm 'Baja' The Astronauts "Surfin' With/Competition Coupe" (Bear Family)
06:54 pm 'Tunguska Blast' The Kilaueas "Profesor Volcanova" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
06:51 pm 'Technocalypse' Hawaiian Astro Boys "[S/T]" (Hawaiian Astro Boys) [Belgium]
06:47 pm 'Amor del Mar' Jon & the Nightriders "Fiberglass Rocket" (Atomic Beat)
06:45 pm 'The Good, the Bad & the Ugly' The Treble Spankers "Araban" (Polydor) [Netherlands]
06:42 pm 'Ready Teddy' Hot Chickens "Shrink to Fit, Vol. 3- Red Blue Jeans [VA]" (Slick O Rama) [France]
06:40 pm 'Skyhawk Beach' Blue Wave Theory "Off the Deep End [VA]" (Deep Eddy)
06:37 pm 'Falling Leaves (Varisevat lehdet)' Silhouettes "The Ocean of Sunken Dreams" (Beat & Twang) [Finland]
06:32 pm 'Conspiracy of Silence' The Silhouettes "Rautalankarenessanssi" (Beat & Twang) [Finland]
06:30 pm 'Johnny Mac' Reigning Monarchs "[S/T]" (Reigning Monarchs)
06:27 pm 'Girl is Late' The Crawdads "Riverside Rockabillies [VA]" (Raucous) [UK]
06:25 pm 'Shockwave' Bitch Boys "Ride the First Wave" (Golly Gee) [Slovenia]
06:22 pm 'Twangs Am' El Ray "Chasing Ray" (Blackout Music) [Denmark]
06:17 pm 'Wreak Havoc' The Madeira "Carpe Noctem" (Double Crown)
06:14 pm 'Haulin' Honda' The Çocktail Preachers "Cocktail Companions" (Cocktail Preachers)
06:11 pm 'Jump, Jive & Wail' The Brian Setzer Orchestra "Dirty Boogie" (Interscope)
06:06 pm 'Escape from Nebula M Spacehunter' Daikaiju "Phase 2" (DingDong)
06:03 pm 'Gunslinger 406 Malfunction' The Astroglides "Channel Surfing with ..." (Fast Music) [Israel]