Tsunami Soul
January 11, 2011
(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:59 pm 'Donkey' The Modelos "Saddle Justice" (Northern Electric)
07:56 pm 'Hush' The Hypnomen "Trip With Satan" (Gearhead) [Finland]
07:51 pm 'Bonebraker' The Outsiders "Outsider On the Run" (Outsiders) [Sweden]
07:49 pm 'Pick Dust' Eve Hell & the Razors "When the Lights Go Out" (Hell-Fi) [Canada]
07:45 pm 'Last Wave' Los Coronas "Caliente Caliente" (Tritone) [Spain]
07:43 pm 'Earthquake at Surf City' Jon & the Nightriders "Fiberglass Rocket" (Atomic Beat)
07:40 pm 'Top Secret' The Lunatics "Beware" (Lunatone) [Finland]
07:37 pm '64 Slices of American Cheeze' Huevos Rancheros "Dig In!" (Mint) [Canada]
07:34 pm 'Welcome to Earth, Pleun!' HJ "[S/T]" (HJ-Tones) [Netherlands]
07:31 pm 'Night Boat' The Sidemen "Go Too Far!" (Zentral) [Germany]
07:29 pm 'Love Me, Hold Me, Squeeze Me' The Riverside Trio "Riverside Rockabillies [VA]" (Raucous) [UK]
07:27 pm 'Laguna Beach' Speedball Jr "For the Broad Minded" (Green Cookie) [Netherlands]
07:24 pm 'Surfin' With Sharks' The Silhouettes "The Ocean of Sunken Dreams" (Beat & Twang) [Finland]
07:21 pm 'Slave Girl' The Cocktail Preachers "The Exotic Moods of ..." (Cocktail Preachers)
07:19 pm 'Attack of the Aqua Marines' The Neptunes "Davey Jones' House Band" (Spinout)
07:16 pm 'Dead Man's Curve' The Barbarellatones (Barbarellatones)
07:12 pm 'Aquabeat' Vibrasonic "Instrumental Vibrations" (Yep!) [England]The
07:08 pm 'Devil Girl from Mars' The Slackmates "Hot Car Girls" (Stella)
07:06 pm 'Diamond Head' The Ventures "Walk- Don't Run" (EMI)
07:03 pm 'True Delta (Whipper Mix)' Steve Hooker "Before the Rooster Crows" (HKM) [England]
07:01 pm 'The Last Booze Fighter' The Tremolo Beer Gut "Under the Influence of ..." (Crunchy Frog) [Denmark]
06:59 pm 'Brazil' Surfpatrouille "Premium Edition" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
06:55 pm 'Surface' The Matching Suits "[S/T]" (Matching Suits) [Slovenia]
06:52 pm 'Lost Train [live]' Shig and Buzz "Live Adventures of ..." (Shig-a-Sonic)
06:50 pm 'Rock Crazy Baby' Art Adams "Rock 'N' Roll Orgy, Vol. 3 [VA]" (Flesh Den)
06:47 pm 'Calcutta' Los Jets "Rien Ne Va Plus" (H.M.R.) [Spain]
06:43 pm 'Plasma Wave' The Thunderchiefs "The Interstellar Sounds of ..." (Wormtone)
06:41 pm 'The Wedge' Teisco Del Ray "The Many Moods of ..." (Upstart)
06:39 pm 'Jack the Ripper' Silver Surfer "Mexican Surf and Roll" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
06:37 pm 'Good Rockin' Mama' Betty and the Bops "[S/T]" (Skydog) [France]
06:34 pm 'El Poder de Voltor' Supersonicos "Irrupcion en el Cosmos" (Koala) [Uruguay]
06:31 pm 'Toes on the Nose' Eddie and the Showmen "Squad Car" (AVI)
06:27 pm 'As Concubinas Mecanicas Do Doutor Karzov' Retrofoguetes "Ativar Retrofoguetes!" (Monstro) [Brazil]
06:25 pm 'El Fenderviche' Los Twang! Marvels "Prueba de Fuego" (Isotonic) [Germany]
06:22 pm '(You Don't Want To Be) In the Doghouse with your Cat' The Histrionics "Camouflage Baby" (CatErratic)
06:19 pm 'Get Surfed' Space Party "Invasion of the Surfer-Men!" (Space Party) [Australia]
06:16 pm 'One Gun Is All You Need' The Eliminators "Room to Move" (Eliminator)
06:12 pm 'I Fell in Love With a Teenage Vampire' The Surf Zombies "Off the Deep End [VA]" (Deep Eddy)
06:09 pm 'Experiment in Terror' Davie Allan & the Arrows "Fuzz Fest" (Atomic Beat)
06:07 pm 'Devil's Left Hand' Dave Arcari "Devil's Left Hand" (Buzz) [Scotland]
06:04 pm 'Gravity Groove' The Anacondas "Bad Buzz - Lost in the Space Age" (Surfgalactic International) [Netherlands]
06:00 pm 'Waikiki Storm' Bitch Boys "... In Heat" (Radio Hit) [Slovenia]