Tsunami Soul
February 15, 2011
(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:58 pm 'Dark Pulsar' Reverb Galaxy "Angle of Attack" (Reverb Galaxy)
07:56 pm 'Beat Girl' Krontjong Devils "Surfin' Sounds of the ..." (Rarity) [Netherlands]
07:54 pm 'Hammerhead' The Diamondheads "Surf Guitar Instrumentals" (Single Coil)
07:46 pm 'Undercover' Trabants "High Wire Surfing" (Trabants)
07:44 pm 'Bullwinkle, pt. II' The Centurians "Big Surf Hits [VA]" (Del-Fi)
07:42 pm 'Choosing to Fly' The Sadies "Darker Circles" (Yep Roc) [Canada]
07:39 pm 'Cor Steijn Rides the Wild (live in Madrid)' The Apemen "Diggin' for Gold [VA]" (Double Crown) [Germany]
07:36 pm 'Whiplash' Salon Kingsadore "Flaming Morricone" (Sarang Bang) [New Zealand]
07:32 pm 'Sexray' The Reverberators "El Burro" (Surfside Productions) [Canada]
07:29 pm 'Sinbad the Surfer' Longboard Ranch "Surfin' Out West" (Surfcity)
07:27 pm 'His Rockin' Little Angel' Rosie Flores "Rockabilly Filly" (Hightone)
07:25 pm 'Everybody's Favorite Marshal' Aqua Vista "The Gentleman Racer" (Dangermans Hideout) [England]
07:23 pm 'Pipeline' Sandy Nelson "Pipeline/Let's Go Trippin'" (Imperial)
07:16 pm 'First Light' Dalek Beach Party "Double Whammy [VA]" (DBP International)
07:13 pm 'Loaded' Zoe McCulloch "Never Give Up Never Give In" (Zoe) [England]
07:09 pm 'Buddy I Ain't Buyin'' Big Sandy & his Fly-Rite Boys "Radio Favorites" (Hightone)
07:06 pm 'Theme from The Black Saddle' Zorros Petardos Salvajes "Fuzzriders" (Zorro Petiso) [Argentina]
07:04 pm 'Flight to Mars' Space Party "Invasion of the Surfer-Men" (Space Party) [Australia]
06:57 pm 'Za Feijingu Supaidaa Kyoui' Daikaiju "Phase 2" (Ding Dong)
06:54 pm 'Andalucia (Breeze and I)' The Silhouettes "The Ocean of Sunken Dreams" (Beat & Twang) [Finland]
06:52 pm 'Sugar In My Coffee' Billy Adams "Riverside Rockabillies [VA]" (Raucous)
06:49 pm 'Avalanche' Five More "Avalanche/[?]" (Tondy)
06:46 pm 'Calhoun Surf' Los Straitjackets "The Utterly Fantastic and Totally Unbelievable Sound of ..." (Upstart)
06:45 pm 'Pulling G's' El Ray "Chasing Ray" (Blackout Music) [Denmark]
06:42 pm 'The Doors Swung Open' The Red Planets "Chases Lead to Crashes" (SoupboneSongs)
06:40 pm 'Two Timing Men' Eve Hell and the Razors "When the Lights Go Out" (Hell-Fi) [Canada]
06:36 pm 'Surf Me To the Moons of Saturn' Surfadelica "Surfing on the Desertshore" (Pisces) [Brazil]
06:33 pm 'Rolling Thunder' The Madeira "Carpe Noctem" (Double Crown)
06:25 pm 'Space Hustle' The Thunderchiefs "The Interstellar Sounds of ..." (Wormtone)
06:22 pm 'Venturi' Waterdogs "Thermal" (Madcity)
06:19 pm 'Come On In My Kitchen' Dave Arcari "Devil's Left Hand" (Buzz) [Scotland]
06:16 pm 'Hang On' The Eliminators "Room to Move" (Eliminator)
06:13 pm 'Stampede in East L.A.' Pavlov's Woody "Castaway Motel" (Neat Guy)
06:11 pm 'Raging El Ninho' The Bananas "To Surf and Protect" (Street13) [Slovenia]
06:08 pm 'Outer Limits 66' Double Naught Spys "Teen Trash Vol. 5" (Double Naught Spys)
06:06 pm 'Love's Made a Fool of You' The Bobby Fuller Four "The Best of ..." (Del-Fi/Rhino)
06:04 pm 'Surfari' The Anacondas "Bad Buzz - Lost in the Space Age" (Surfgalactic International) [Netherlands]
06:00 pm 'Black Sand' The Space Cossacks "Interstellar Stomp" (MuSick)