Tsunami Soul
March 8, 2011
(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:58 pm 'Mars Express' The Charades "Cool Blast!" (Rytmi) [Finland]
07:54 pm 'Who Stole My Hynotics?' The Surftones "Who Stole My Hypnotics?" (Maho Pop) [Finland]
07:51 pm 'Out for Kicks' The Racketeers "[S/T]" (Scollay Square)
07:48 pm 'Beyond the Surf' Space Party "Invasion of the Surfer-Men" (Space Party) [Australia]
07:46 pm 'Tyranous' Longboard Ranch "Rides Again!" (Surf City)
07:44 pm 'Playa Gris' Long Boards "Motorhythm" (El Toro) [Spain]
07:41 pm 'You Got a Long Way to Go' Ronnie Dawson "Just Rockin' & Rollin'" (Upstart)
07:38 pm 'It Must Have Been the Mousse' Thurston Lava Tube "The Pink Elephant With Nipples for Tusks"
(Cordelia) [England] 07:36 pm 'Moon Equipped' The Thunderchiefs "The Interstellar Sounds of ..." (Wormtone)
07:33 pm 'Walk Don't Rango' Los Lobos, along with jazz trumpeteer Arturo Sandoval "Rango" (Nickelodeon)
07:27 pm 'El Zorro Theme' The Vivisectors "Handmade" (Vivisectors) [Russia]
07:24 pm 'Sign at the End of the World' Steve Hooker "Before the Rooster Crows" (HKM) [England]
07:21 pm 'The Sleaz-E-Nator' Tremolo Beer Gut "Under the Influence of ..." (Crunchy Frog) [Denmark]
07:17 pm "Pose of Awareness' Pollo del Mar "Pose of Awareness/Star Trek Theme" (Pollo del Mar)
07:15 pm 'Tension' Jay Bee & the Kats "Tension/When School is Through" (Get Hip)
07:07 pm 'Sahar' The Madeira "Carpe Noctem" (Double Crown)
07:04 pm 'Space Race' Wild Wax Combo "Ready to Go" (Enviken) [Sweden]
07:01 pm 'Between the Spaces' The Red Planets "Chases Lead to Crashes" (SoupboneSongs)
06:58 pm 'Walk Together, Surf Together' Hawaii Samurai "The Shape of Surf to Come" (Productions de L'Impossible) [France]
06:55 pm 'Moving Target' Jon & the Nightriders "Moving Target" (Gee-Dee)
06:49 pm 'Flight of the Garuda' Daikaiju "Phase 2" (DingDong)
06:46 pm 'Viva Las Vegas' Los Derrumbes "Beyond the Sea [VA]" (Cordelia)
06:42 pm 'Empty the Chamber' The Sadies "Tremendous Efforts" (Bloodshot) [Canada]
06:40 pm 'Camarena' Lost Acapulco "4" (Opcion Sonica) [Mexico]
06:38 pm 'Finish Line Fever' The Volcanos "Finish Line Fever" (Estrus)
06:34 pm 'Diamond Eye' Husky & the Sandmen "Ridin' the Wild Surf" (Gas) [Finland]
06:31 pm 'Packin' Heat' Pavlov's Woody "Castaway Motel" (Neat Guy)
06:28 pm 'I Wanna Dance' Eve Hell and the Razors "When the Lights Go Out" (Hell-Fi) [Canada]
06:25 pm 'Hangin' 11' The Aqualads "Surf! Surf! Surf!" (Aqualads)
06:22 pm 'Nokken Surfacing' The Beat Tornados "Mission to Mir" (Flipside) [Scandinavia/Norway]
06:19 pm 'James Bond Theme [live' Brian Setzer Orchestra "The Ultimate Collection - Live" (Surfdog)
06:15 pm 'Our Favorite Martian [live]' Davie Allan and the Arrows "Live Run" (Total Energy)
06:11 pm 'Lenin's Mummy (Goes to the Pipeline)' Los Walkysons "Hits" (El Toro) [Spain]
06:06 pm 'One Side Blind' Dave Arcari "Devil's Left Hand" (Buzz) [Scotland]
06:01 pm 'Cannibal, Cannibal!' The Anacondas "Bad Buzz - Lost in the Space Age" (Surfgalactic International) [Netherlands]