Big Surf Radio
May 3, 2011
(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:57 pm 'Russian Girl' The Bananas "To Surf and Protect" (Street13) [Slovenia]
07:51 pm 'Siouxnami' Atomic Mosquitos "Release the Mosquitos" (Nukular)
07:48 pm 'Pintor [live]' The Phantom Four "Live at De Diepte" (Mirananda) [Netherlands]
07:45 pm 'Something for Sophia Loren' Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks "Almost Fried (but Not Stirred)" (Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks) [Sweden]
07:42 pm 'Cut-Back' The Bradipos IV "Surf Session" (Teen Sound) [Italy]
07:39 pm 'Thee Mighty Jaws' Thee Andrews Surfers "Rip-Off!" (Drunkabilly) [Belgium]
07:36 pm 'Five Jeans Jackets (Are Ready to Go)' The Lennerockers "Shrink to Fit [VA]" (Slick 501) [Germany]
07:34 pm 'Pipeline' Aki Aleong and The Nobles "Come Surf With Me" (Vee Jay)
07:32 pm 'Road Runner' Wild Sammy & the Royaltones "Speed Crazy" (One Million Dollar) [Japan]
07:27 pm 'Taco Wagon' Dick Dale & his Del-Tones "The Best of ..." (Rhino)
07:24 pm 'Cigarette Stub (From White Kulyme Hell)' Gulag Tunes "Surf Instro Versions of Russian Jailhouse Songs" (Gulag Tunes) [Russia]
07:21 pm 'Train Kept A Rolling' Tav Falco's Panther Burns "The Unreleased Sessions" (Marilyn)
07:18 pm 'Samurai Struck' The Surf Coasters "Samurai Struck" (Five Nine Factory) [Japan]
07:16 pm 'Driving Guitars (Ventures Twist)' The Ventures "Walk - Don't Run, the Best of ..." (EMI)
07:06 pm 'Bathsheba Soup Bowl' KB and the Riptides "Give Us a Gig! Promo CD" (KB and the Riptides)
07:03 pm 'La Huida' Los Coronas "Surfin' Tenochtitlan" (Isotonic) [Spain]
07:00 pm 'Wait a Minute' Jo-Ann Campbell "That Real Gone Gal" (Westside)
06:57 pm 'Apache' The Shadows "Shadows are Go!" (Scamp) [England]
06:55 pm 'Crash' The Irradiates "First Radiations" (Productions Impossible) [France]
06:52 pm 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' Dr. Frankenstein "The Lost Tapes from Dr. Frankenstein's Lab" (LowFly) [Portugal]
06:50 pm 'American Music' The Blasters "American Music" (Slash)
06:48 pm 'The Cruel Sea' The Mustangs "In Amsterdam" (Sam Sam) [Finland]
06:45 pm 'Blast Off' The Metalunas "X-Minus-One" (American Pop Project) [Canada]
06:43 pm 'Dinosaur' Link Wray & the Wraymen "Mr. Guitar" (Norton)
06:38 pm 'Jungle Train' Los Plantronics "Columbian Necktie" (Mariachi Productions) [Noruega]
06:36 pm 'Misirlou' The Ready Men "Get Ready!!" (Norton)
06:33 pm 'Rockabilly Mudd' Southern Culture on the Skids "First Album" (Lloyd Street)
06:31 pm 'Flying Flamenco' The Outsiders "Outsider on the Run" (Outsiders) [Sweden]
06:29 pm 'Toke and Stagger' The Modelos "[S/T]" (Modelos) [Canada]
06:26 pm 'Mascara Vs Snorkel' Los Santisimos Snorkels "Mascara Vs Snorkel" (Reverb Producciones) [Mexico]
06:23 pm 'Raskolnikov's Revenge' The Secret Samurai "Zanshin" (MaudDib)
06:20 pm 'Pick Dust' Eve Hell and the Razors "When the Lights Go Out" (Hell-Fi) [Canada]
06:17 pm 'Luger 3' Urban Surf Kings "Surf Vs The Flying Saucers" (USK International) [Canada]
06:15 pm 'Global Warming Party' The Razorblades "Gimme Some Noise!" (General Schallplatten) [Germany]
06:10 pm 'Avalanche' The Volcanos "Finish Line Fever" (Estrus)
06:07 pm 'Green Invasion' Husky and the Sandmen "Ridin' the Wild Surf" (Gas) [Finland]
06:04 pm 'Good Friend Blues' Dave Arcari "Come With Me ..." (Buzz) [Scotland]
06:02 pm 'Cheerleaders from Outerspace Must Die' Hawaii Samurai "The Shape of Surf to Come ..." (Productions de L'Impossible) [France]
06:00 pm 'Wonderful Land' Brian (Locking) & Eduardo (Bartrina) "Latin Shadows" (H.M.R.) [Spain]