Big Surf Radio
October 4, 2011
(6:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio

time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:56 pm 'Momentium' The TomorrowMen "It's About Time!" (Double Crown)
07:51 pm 'Gulak' The SpyTones "Dead Note Theory" (Arctic Noir) [Finland]
07:47 pm 'Bert/Tail/Rail' CHUM "Fighting Words" (Rickshaw)
07:44 pm 'Hacha de Guerra' Los Coronas "Surfin' Tenochtitlan" (Isotonic) [Spain]
07:42 pm 'St. Duane' Tremolo Beer Gut "Under the Influence of ..." (Crunchy Frog) [Denmark]
07:38 pm 'If I Were A Rich Man' Vibrasonic "Instrumental Vibrations" (Yep!) [England]
07:36 pm 'The Train Kept A-Rollin'' Johnny Burnette Trio "Rockabilly Boogie" (Bear Family)
07:33 pm 'Dilation' Satan's Pilgrims "Psychsploitation" (SP Records)
07:28 pm 'Burning Mirage' The Madeira "Sandstorm" (Double Crown)
07:26 pm 'Shape of Things' Los Plantronics "Columbian Necktie" (Mariachi Productions) [Noruega]
07:24 pm 'Lipstick On My Microphone' Eve Hell and the Razors "When the Lights Go Out" (Hell-Fi) [Canada]
07:21 pm 'Soho' Antena Tres "Onda Di Crimine" (Jason R.) [France]
07:18 pm 'Cor Steign Rides the Wild' The Apemen "Surfvival of De Onbeschofste" (Nitro!) [Germany]
07:12 pm 'Make Me Shine' The Sand Devils "[S/T]" (Sand Devils)
07:10 pm 'Latinia' Jon & the Nightriders "Surf Beat '80" (Crossfire)
07:07 pm 'Downtown' Levi Dexter & Steve Hooker "Rockabilly Dolls" (1000's Records) [England]
07:05 pm 'Hagbelly' The Deadbeats "Day of the Deadbeats" (Paink)
07:03 pm 'Los Cobardes' Reef Rider "Beyond the Reef" (Reef Rider) [Belgium]
06:57 pm 'Dick Tracy' Jonny and the Shamen "Adventures in Espionage" (Turducken)
06:53 pm 'Hot Rod Lincoln' Hot Rod Lincoln "The Boulevard" (Dionysus)
06:51 pm 'Flight of the Surf Guitar' The Atlantics "Flight of the Surf Guitar" (Atlantics) [Australia]
06:48 pm 'Headin' Out' The Vara-Tones "Headin' Out" (Vee Tone)
06:46 pm 'Golden Guitar' The Royal Fingers "Wild Eleki Deluxe" (Del-Fi) [Japan]
06:44 pm 'Boo-Men Theme' Stronzo Gelantino and the Boo-Men "Part 1" (Zentral) [Germany]
06:42 pm 'Sputnik' Jerry Engler and the Four Ekkos "Collector's Corner" (Songwriters Advocate)
06:37 pm 'Bone Cruncher' The Eliminators "Unleashed" (Tri-Surf)
06:34 pm 'El Gringo Muerte' The Cadillac Hitmen "Tri-State Killing Spree" (Broken White)
06:31 pm 'Hail to the King' Los Caminos "Test Pilot" (Ridge) [Canada]
06:26 pm 'Morpheous' The Toads "Get a Board! [VA]" (Satan)
06:23 pm 'Little Pig' The Wanktones "The Big D.C. Jamboree, Vol. 3 [VA]" (Run Wild)
06:21 pm 'La Conquista Del Monte Negro' The Dead Rocks "Il Grilletto D'Oro" (Dead Rocks) [Brazil]
06:19 pm 'Crazy Kruger' Pozor Vlak "Stevie and his Sideburns/Pozor Vlak [VA]" (Fuzz n Surf) [Germany]
06:15 pm 'Order of the Black Sun' The Mystery? Men "Session Obscura" (Galdera)
06:11 pm 'Vodka & Beer' The Vivisectors "Happy Halloween" (Vivisectors) [Russia]
06:09 pm 'Who Slapped John?' Jeff Beck and the Big Town Playboys "Crazy Legs" (Epic) [England]
06:06 pm 'Anna Vienna' Impala "El Rancho Reverbo" (Icehouse)
06:04 pm 'Batman Dance Beat' Stevie and his Sideburns "Stevie and his Sideburns/Pozor Vlak [VA]" (Fuzz n Surf) [Germany]
06:01 pm 'Satellites Over Praha' Urban Surf Kings "Surf Vs. the Flying Saucers" (USK International) [Canada]