Big Surf Radio Playlist
January 31, 2012

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:58 pm 'Penetration' Way Out West "Evolution" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
07:54 pm 'Randsfjordlaten' Terje Brattsveen "Big Life" (
07:52 pm 'Rocket True Temper 20 oz' Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks "Rocket True Temper 20 oz" (Silence) [Sweden]
07:49 pm 'Voyage Around the Moon' The Torquays "Road Trip" (Tork-A-Disk)
07:46 pm 'Holy Chakka's' The Surf A's "Instrumentally Ill" (Surf A lot) [Netherlands]
07:44 pm 'Nautilus' The Quiets "Take a Flight With ..." (Ovaltone) [Finland]
07:41 pm 'Persona Non Grata' The SpyTones "Dead Note Theory" (Arctic Noir) [Finland]
07:38 pm 'Glise 581C' Threesome "Adriatica" (Double Crown) [Slovenia]
07:35 pm 'Simeri Kriki' The Surfadelics "Sugoi!! Kawaiii!! Atarasguu!!" (Kustom Rekord) [Italy]
07:32 pm 'Break Beach' Mullet Monster Mafia "Dogs of the Seas" (Orleone) [Brazil]
07:27 pm 'You'll Never Take Me Alive' The Man from RavCon "Rides Again!" (RavCon)
07:20 pm 'Ric-a-Tic [live]' The Lively Ones "Surf Battle at Redondo Beach [VA]" (Gee-Dee)
07:17 pm 'Fried Chicken Can't Run' Da Surfones "The Girl Who Couldn't Hula" (El Toro) [Spain]
07:14 pm 'Devil in You, Boy' Whiskey Kill "Pissed Off Betty" (Whiskey Kill)
07:11 pm 'Psycho Beach Party 3000" Kill, Baby... Kill! "Sometimes They Come Back" (KBK)
07:09 pm 'Suicide Bay' Jon & the Nightriders "Surf Beat '80" (Crossfire)
07:04 pm 'Suicide Bay' The Halibuts "Surf Guitar Greats [VA]" (EasyDisc)
07:00 pm 'Interstellar Penthouse' Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks "La Planete Sauvage" (Docteur Legume) [Italy]
06:57 pm 'Fish Out O' Water' Ronnie Dawson "Just Rockin' and Rollin'" (Upstart)
06:54 pm 'Holy Smoke' The Tumbleweeds "Dead Man's Hand" (El Toro) [Spain]
06:52 pm 'Spy Point' The Diamondheads "Sonic Blue" (Diamondheads)
06:47 pm 'KGB Moscow Nights' The Vivisectors "Case History of John Doe" (Vivisectors) [Russia]
06:44 pm 'Percolator Stomp' The Apemen "7 Inches of Love" (Double Crown) [Germany]
06:41 pm 'Happy Jack' Southern Culture on the Skids "Countrypolitan Favorites" (Yep Roc)
06:39 pm 'Beechwood Beat' The Beechwoods "Party Time Discotheque" (Double Crown) [Finland]
06:37 pm 'Gutterball' Cocktail Preachers "Intoxicating" (Cocktail Preachers)
06:31 pm 'Wonderman from Intio' El Supernaught "Brave New Surf [VA]" (Double Crown) [Finland]
06:29 pm 'Wave Hog' No Smoking On Board "Boards and Bikinis" (NSOB) [Portugal]
06:24 pm 'Wonder Bread Woman' Bay of Pigs "Surfin' Missile Crisis" (Bay of Pigs)
06:22 pm 'Penetration' Eduardo Bartrina "Plan 'B'" (H.M.R.) [Spain]
06:19 pm 'Viento Del Sur' Aqualads "Treasures" (Aqualads)
06:14 pm 'Rebel Jukebox' The Falcons "Rebel Jukebox" (Falcon Beach) [Canada]
06:12 pm 'The Stranger' The Charades "In Motion" (Echo) [Finland]
06:10 pm 'Deep Eddy' Biller & Horton "Texotica" (Vinylux)
06:05 pm 'Traps' Achtung Rakete "[S/T]" (Rhythm Island) [Germany]
06:02 pm 'Parabolic!' SPF-4 "The Continental Magazine #18 [VA]" (Continental Magazine)