Big Surf Radio Playlist
February 7, 2012

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

08:05 pm 'Wreak Havoc!' The Madeira "Carpe Noctem" (Double Crown)
08:02 pm 'Battle at 50 Fathoms' The Mystery Men? "Session Obscura" (Galdera)
07:56 pm 'Hacha De Guerra' Los Coronas "Caliente Caliente" (Tritone) [Spain]
07:54 pm 'Get Yourself Right' Whiskey Kill "Pissed Off Betty" (Whiskey Kill)
07:52 pm 'Snow Surf' Threesome "Adriatica" (Double Crown) [Slovenia]
07:50 pm 'Spy the Yo' The Surfadelics "Sugoi!! Kawaii!! Atarashii!!" (Kustom Rekord) [Italy]
07:47 pm 'Moonsafari' El Supernaught "Viva!" (Longplay Music) [Finland]
07:38 pm 'Dead Note Theory' The SpyTones "Dead Note Theory" (Arctic Noir) [Finland]
07:36 pm 'Stop That Gremmie' No Smoking On Board "Boards and Bikinis" (NSOB) [Portugal]
07:34 pm 'The Wave of Seven Days' Mullet Monster Mafia "Dogs of the Seas" (Orleone) [Brazil]
07:32 pm 'Los Cobardes' Reef Rider "Beyond The Reef" (Reef Rider) [Belgium]
07:29 pm 'Hara Sutra' The O'Haras "Devil's Desert" (Drunkabilly) [Belgium]
07:26 pm 'Czorak Llamando Argos' The Supersonicos "Irrupcion En El Cosmos" (Koala) [Uruguay]
07:22 pm 'Dark Man' The Pistoleros "The Arrival of ..." (Rarity) [Norway]
07:18 pm 'The Valley of Death' The Man From RavCon "RIdes Again!" (RavCon)
07:16 pm 'Suppose the Doomsday Cults Were Right' Kill, Baby... Kill! "Sometimes They Come Out At Night" (KBK)
07:13 pm 'La Fin Absolue Du Monde' Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks "La Planete Sauvage" (Docteur Legume) [Italy]
07:06 pm 'Moon Over LBI' Diamondheads "Sonic Blue" (Diamondheads)
07:04 pm 'Draggin'' Reno Brothers "Voodoo News [VA]" (NV) [Netherlands]
07:00 pm 'Remo Rifles' The Phantom Four "Madhur" (Mirananda) [Netherlands]
06:56 pm 'Across the Dunes' The Madeira "Sandstorm" (Double Crown)
06:53 pm 'Kilameaweu' The Cocktail Preachers "Intoxicating" (Cocktail Preachers)
06:49 pm 'The Sultan' The Beechwoods "Party Time Discotheque" (Double Crown)
06:46 pm 'Rock Is Dead' Ben Vaughn "Rambler 65" (Rhino)
06:43 pm 'Last Wave at Mavericks' The Verbtones "Rock Me Out!" (Diceophonic)
06:40 pm 'Shark Attack!!!' Los SuperAvengers "The Brain Machine Recording Studio 2009 Compilation [VA]" (Brain Machine)
06:37 pm 'Catsack' Bay of Pigs "Surfin' Missile Crisis" (Bay of Pigs)
06:33 pm 'Moon Dawg' The Tornadoes "Bustin' Surfboards" (Sundazed)
06:31 pm 'Da Coffin' The Eliminators "Ultra Sonic" (Eliminator)
06:28 pm 'Real Wild Child' Ivan "MCA Rockabillies [VA]" (Big Tone)
06:24 pm 'White Sands' Aqualads "Treasures" (Aqualads)
06:20 pm 'Discoted' Achtung Rakete "[S/T]" (Rhythm Island) [Germany]
06:15 pm 'Mr. D's Mystery' HJ "The Continental Magazine #18 [VA]" (Continental Magazine) [Netherlands]
06:13 pm 'Wildcat' Foggy Mountain Rockers "Dice in Flames" (Tombstone) [Germany]
06:11 pm 'Tiki Head Shift Knob' Buddy Dughi "... Plays Hot Rod Surf" (Golly Gee)
06:08 pm 'Daikaiju Die!' Daikaiju "[S/T]" (Reptile)
06:05 pm 'Sea of Glory' Los Twang! Marvels "Brave New Surf [VA]" (Double Crown) [Germany]