Big Surf Radio Playlist
February 21, 2012

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:57 pm Sandstorm! The Madeira "Sandstorm" (Double Crown)
07:54 pm 'Slingshot to Durango' The Cocktail Preachers "Intoxicating" (Cocktail Preachers)
07:51 pm 'Blood at Dawn' The Mystery Men? "Session Obscura" (Galdera)
07:45 pm 'Bella Ciao' The Surfadelics "Sugoi!! Kawaii!! Atarashii!!" (Kustom Rekord) [Italy]
07:42 pm 'Rawhide' Rattlesnakes "Tornado" (TCY) [Russia]
07:39 pm 'Tube City' The Trashmen "Surfin' Bird" (Sundazed)
07:37 pm 'Diferentes Maneras' The Tormentos "Death Drop!" (Scatter) [Argentina]
07:33 pm 'Hasheeda' The Treble Spankers "Hasheeda" (Polydor) [Netherlands]
07:31 pm 'Fly Up' The Surf Coasters "Fly Up!!" (Victor Entertainment) [Japan]
07:27 pm 'Dead Man Walking' Whiskey Kill "Pissed Off Betty" (Whiskey Kill)
07:24 pm 'The Last of Cape Hanko' El Supernaught "Viva!" (Longplay Music) [Finland]
07:21 pm 'Run Mustang Run' No Smoking On Board "Boards and Bikinis" (NSOB) [Portugal]
07:16 pm 'Rumble on the Docks' The Aquanauts "[7" single]" (Safari)
07:13 pm 'Wet Bikini' Bitch Boys "In Heat" (Radio Hit) [Slovenia]
07:11 pm 'Shakin' All Over' Johnny Kidd & the Pirates "Loud, Fast & Out of Control [VA]" (Rhino) [England]
07:07 pm 'Olas Y Pistolas' Acapulco Riders Band "Surf Fronterizo" (Pantano) [Spain]
07:04 pm 'Diamond Head' The Space Agency "Kaleidoscopic Sounds" (Tremolo) [England]
06:59 pm 'Road Rage' Thee Phantom 5ive "Do The Doomdom" (Misprint)
06:56 pm 'Rock-A-Hula Shake' Koko "This is Koko" (Koko) [Netheralnds]
06:54 pm 'Man From U.N.C.L.E.' Zorros Petardos Salvajes "FuzzRiders" (Zorro Petiso) [Argentina]
06:51 pm 'Red Hot [live]' The Lennerockers "Live On Stage" (Lennerecords) [Germany]
06:49 pm 'Neptune's Fury' Mullet Monster Mafia "Dogs of the Seas" (Orleone) [Brazil]
06:47 pm 'Three Days from Durango' The Man From RavCon "Rides Again!" (RavCon)
06:43 pm 'Challenger '64' Los Straitjackets "The Further Adventures of ..." (Yep Roc)
06:40 pm 'Burnin' Rubber' Los Kahunas "El Fantastico Sonido Surf & Hot Rod de" (Cleoducto) [Argentina]
06:38 pm 'Blue Train' Dave Arcari "Devil's Left Hand" (Buzz) [Scotland]
06:35 pm 'Remo Rifles [live]' The Phantom Four "Live at De Diepte" (Mirananda) [Netherlands]
06:32 pm 'Hunting for the Dead' Kill, Baby... Kill! "Sometimes They Come Back" (KBK)
06:28 pm 'Duck Dive' Diamondheads "Sonic Blue" (Diamondheads)
06:26 pm 'Cat On A Hot Foam Board' The New Dimensions "Cowabunga- The Surf Box [VA]" (Rhino)
06:23 pm 'Lonesome Traveller' The Planet Rockers "26 Classic Tracks" (Spinout)
06:21 pm 'Jackpot' The Beechwoods "Party Time Discotheque" (Double Crown)
06:17 pm 'Forbidden Planet' Dunlop Devils "Men Go Mad" (Dunlop Devils) [Belgium]
06:12 pm 'Whirling Dervish' The Aqualads "Treasures" (Aqualads)
06:09 pm 'Adan West VS The Vampires' Hawaii Samurai "The Shape of Surf to Come ..." (Productions de L'Impossible) [France]
06:07 pm 'People In Texas Love To Dance' Johnny Carroll "Texabilly" (Hightone)
06:04 pm 'The Victor' The Langhorns "Club Gabardino" (Bad Taste) [Sweden]
06:01 pm 'Cherry Cheeks' El Ray "Brave New Surf [VA]" (Double Crown) [Denmark]